Person:Edward Boone (1)

m. 23 Sep 1720
  1. Sarah Boone1724 - 1815
  2. Israel Boone1726 - 1756
  3. Samuel Boone1728 - Abt 1816
  4. Jonathan Boone1730 - 1808
  5. Elizabeth Boone1733/34 - Abt 1814
  6. Daniel Boone1734 - 1820
  7. Mary Boone1736 - 1819
  8. George Boone1739 - 1820
  9. Edward Boone1740 - 1780
  10. Nathaniel BooneAbt 1742 -
  11. Squire Boone, Jr.1744 - 1815
  12. Hannah Boone1746 - 1828
  • HEdward Boone1740 - 1780
  • WMartha BryanAbt 1737 - Bef 1793
m. Bef 1758
  1. Charity Boone1758 - 1853
  2. Jane Boone1762 -
  3. Mary Boone1764 - 1825
  4. George Boone1767 -
  5. Joseph BooneAbt 1768 - 1847
  6. Sarah Boone1771 -
Facts and Events
Name Edward Boone
Alt Name Ned Boone
Gender Male
Birth? 30 Nov 1740 Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Marriage Bef 1758 Rowan County, North CarolinaEaton Baptist Church
to Martha Bryan
Baptism[4] 22 Jan 1774 Rowan, North Carolina, United StatesMulberry Field Baptist Church
Death[1][2][3][4] 6 Oct 1780 Bourbon, Kentucky, United Stateskilled by Indians, near the present day town of Little Rock
Burial[1][2][3][4][5] 7 Oct 1780 Bourbon, Kentucky, United States1st Burial - buried beneath an "old Buckeye Tree" by his brother Daniel Boone and men from Boone's Station
Alt Burial[1][2][4][5] 1827 Rockbridge Graveyard, North Middletown, Bourbon, Kentucky, United States2nd Burial - reinterred by Rev. Richard Thomas

Research Notes

  • Edward Boone was a brother of the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone
  • For more information about the life and death, burial and reburial of Edward Boone and source documents, please see The Boone Society, Inc. and click on the tab “Articles.”
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    (9) Edward 'Ned" BOONE, b 30 Nov 1740 Exeter, Berks Co, PA d 6 Oct 1780 m Martha BRYAN b abt 1737 Winchester, Frederick Co, VA d abt 23 July 1793 (date will probated) Boone's Creek, Clark Co, KY

    Edward was killed by Indians while returning from the Blue Licks with his brother Daniel Boone where they had gone to make salt and do some hunting. They stopped at a stream in Bourbon County and Edward sat down on a log to watch the horses while Daniel went off in the cane in search of game. A small band of Indians shot and killed Edward. Daniel escaped, and returned the next day with men from Boone Station where they and their families were living at the time, and they buried Edward there where he had been killed. Draper letters report that in about 1827, some of Edward's bones were left exposed from flooding, and the Rev. Richard Thomas collected the bones and reburied them at the Rockbridge Baptist Church nearby.

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    Edward was baptized in the Mulberry Field Baptist Church, a branch of Dutchman's Creek (Easton's) Baptist Church, on 22 January 1774.

    Oct 6, 1780 Killed by Indians in Bourbon Co, KY, while with brother Daniel, near present-day community of Little Rock. Edward was buried beneath an old Buckeye Tree where he was shot. The address of the grave today is 870 See Road, ½ mile north of the junction of KY Hwy. 537 & See Road. The nearby creek thereafter was named Boone Creek in honor of Edward’s death there. He left his widow, Martha Bryan Boone, and six children: Charity, Jane, Mary, George, Joseph, Sarah.

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    [Includes photos of location, but not of an extant stone. Page states, "A memorial was commissioned for the spot where Edward Boone was killed, but the spot where he was reburied is somewhat speculative. Some point to a field stone with the initials "N B" as the possible resting place, but the issue is not yet resolved, and a DNA study may be undertaken to determine the truth."]