Person:Edmund Hobart (2)

  • HEdmund HobartABT 1575 - 1645/46
  • WMargaret Dewey1574 - Bef 1634
m. 07 SEP 1600
  1. Nazareth Hobart1601 - 1658
  2. Edmund Hobart, Jr.1602/3 - 1685/6
  3. Reverend Peter Hobart1604 - 1678/79
  4. Thomas Hobart1605/06 - 1689
  5. Alice Hobart1606/7 - 1674/75
  6. Anthony Hobart1609 - 1609
  7. Mehetable HobartABT 1610 -
  8. Edward Hobart1610 - 1610
  9. Rebecca Hobart1611 - 1679
  10. Elizabeth HobartAbt 1612 - 1654
  11. Captain Joshua Hobart1614 - 1682
  12. Sarah Hobart1617 - 1673/74
  • HEdmund HobartABT 1575 - 1645/46
  • WSarah OakleyABT 1586 -
m. 10 OCT 1634
Facts and Events
Name Edmund Hobart
Gender Male
Christening[5] 1 Jan 1573 Snoring Magna, Norfolk, England
Birth[1] ABT 1575 Hingham, Norfolk, England
Marriage 07 SEP 1600 Hingham, Norfolk, Englandto Margaret Dewey
Immigration[1] 1633 Charlestown, Suffolk County, MassachusettsMigration
Ancestral File Number GWRK-4Q
Other?  Refuted parents?: Thomas Hobart and Audrey Hare (2) 
Marriage 10 OCT 1634 Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusettsto Sarah Oakley
Death[1] 8 Mar 1645/46 Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

From Lincoln's History of the Town of Hingham:38

"Edmund, from Hing. County of Norfolk, Eng., and b. at that parish, ab. 1570, was the ancestor of all who have borne this surname by birth in our Hing. or its vic. He arrived at Charlestown, 1663, and with his s. Thomas, and several others, came to 'Bare Cove,' the same yr. (See Lincoln's History of Hingham, pp. 41 and 156), prob. for the purpose of assisting in establishing a new plantation or township. It is generally thought, howerer, that he did not locate here permanently until the arrival of his s. the Rev. Peter Hobart, and those who came with him. He was one of the early settlers who drew their house-lots on Town (North) St., on the 18th of Sept. 1635; Edmund's lot being the 17th, while Nos. 18 and 19 were granted to two of his sons. His first w., Margaret Dewey, was the mother of his ch. His sec. w., whom he m. at Charlestown, Oct. 10, 1634, whas Mrs. Srarh Lyford, the wid. of Rev. John Lyford. The dates of his, and of his sec. w.'s decease, are recorded in [their son, Peter] Hobart's Diary as foll.: 'March 8, 1646, father Hubbeard dyed.' 'June 23 1649, mother Hobart dyed.' He, therefore, at the time of his decease, was ab. 76 yrs. of age. Resided op. Hobart's Bridge, North St. Freeman, March 4, 1634; constable the same yr.; and in 1639, 1640, and 1642 a deputy to the Great and General Court."

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    BIRTH: About 1575 based on date of marriage.
    DEATH: Hingham 8 March 1646[/7] "father Hubbeard died" [NEHGR 121:18].

    The death date appears to be a rare error by Robert Charles Anderson. Looking at the underlying source cited, NEHGR, p. 121:18, "The Hobart Journal", the entry for the death of his father is listed on the 8th of "March 1646". This March follows February of 1645, so Rev. Hobart appears to have included March in 1646 as the first month of 1646 without waiting for the actual beginning of the new year on March 25, 1646. In the double dating system, this date should be 8 Mar 1645/46. TAG, p. 27:94, "Edmund Hobart of Hingham, Massachusetts" by Clarence Almon Torrey, also interprets this as 8 Mar 1645/46.

  2.   Hobart, L. Smith. William Hobart, his ancestors and descendants. (Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States: Press of S.G. Otis & Co., 1886).

    as Edmund. 'name of wife unknown' 'no info on Rebecca: believe b. 1598'
    [among oldest]

  3.   Titus, Dorothy M. Hobart family in America: twelve generations. (Boston, Mass.: The editor, 1943).

    no mention of Sir Hobart.Came from Hingham Eng, renamed 'Bare Cove' (12 miles south of Boston) as 'Hingham' in honor of their home town.To America 1634 (age 60), Charlestown MA. Much of family followed. m2 to Ann, widow of Johm Rebecca: "little known..., united with Charlestown church of birth unknown.. believe youngest... no other info"

  4.   Margaret Griffith, Hobart Genealogy: The Descendants of Edmund Hobart of Hingham, Mass. (San Francisco, California Genealogical Soc., 1952).
  5. Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995), Vol. 3, p. 2092-93 (Addenda).

    "An Edmund Hubbard, son of Thomas and Hellena (Winsofer) Hubbard, was baptized at Snoring Magna, Norfolk on 1 Jan 1573. This would be about the right year of birth for the immigrant, and the immigrant did name a son Thomas, but Snoring Magna is some distance from Norfolk, so further evidence would be welcome before this baptism is assigned to the immigrant."

  6.   It's not clear from this note whether Anderson is aware of Thomas Hobart's will, in which Thomas, of Snoring Magna, bequeaths a copyhold in the parish of Hingham to his son Edmund, which would seem to provide the requisite connection. See notes here.

Elizabeth Bonaventure (1633)
Named after a famous warship that fought several battles as the flagship of Sir Frances Drake. The list below is of immigrants from Hingham, Norfolk who probably came aboard this ship.
Sailed: Early May 1633 from Yarmouth, Norfolk under Master John Graves
Arrived: 15 Jun 1633 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

~95 (Full List)
Edmund Hobart family - Henry Gibbs - Ralph Smith - Nicholas Jacob family - Thomas Chubbock family - Simon Huntington family

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Founders of Hingham, Massachusetts
Hingham was the twelfth town incorporated in Massachusetts, on Sept. 2, 1635. There had been settlers there as early as 1633, who called the place "Barecove," but it was renamed after the origin in England of many of its early settlers, who were forced to flee their native village in Norfolk with both their vicars, Rev. Peter Hobart and Rev. Robert Peck, when they fell foul of the strict doctrines of Anglican England.
Pre-1635 Settlers: Joseph Andrews, Thomas Chubbuck, Henry Gibbs, Edmund Hobart, Sen., Edmund Hobart, Jr., Joshua Hobart, Rev. Peter Hobart, Thomas Hobart, Nicholas Jacob, Thomas Lincoln, weaver, Ralph Smith
1635 Land Grants: Jonas Austin, Nicholas Baker, Clement Bates, Richard Betscome, Benjamin Bozworth, William Buckland, James Cade, Anthony Cooper, John Cutler, John Farrow, Daniel Fop, Jarvice Gould, Wm. Hersey, Nicholas Hodsdin, Thos. Johnson, Andrew Lane, Wm. Large, Thomas Loring, George Ludkin, Jeremy Morse, William Nolton, John Otis, David Phippeny, John Palmer, John Porter, Henry Rust, John Smart, Francis Smith (or Smyth), John Strong, Henry Tuttil, William Walton, Thomas Andrews, William Arnall, George Bacon, Nathaniel Baker, Thomas Collier, George Lane, George Marsh, Abraham Martin, Nathaniel Peck, Richard Osborn, Thomas Wakely, Thomas Gill, Richard Ibrook, William Cockerum, William Cockerill, John Fearing, John Tucker.
(source: History of the Town of Hingham, Massachusetts, 1893, [1])

Current Location: Plymouth County, Massachusetts   Parent Towns: Hingham, England   Daughter Towns: Cohasset