Person:Early Gyger (1)

Early Ernest Gyger
d.8 Nov 1958 Glendale, Arizona
m. Abt 1871
  1. Early Ernest Gyger1871 - 1958
m. 18 Jun 1893
  1. Alvin K. Gyger1893 - 1988
  2. Ernest Bryan Gyger1897 - 1965
  3. Cecil Evert Gyger1899 - 1955
  4. Ruby Lucille Gyger1902 - 1992
  5. Roy Ray (Jack) Gyger1904 - 1977
  6. Floyd Wayne Gyger1906 - 1987
  7. Fred Lee Gyger1908 - 2006
  8. Olene Gyger1910 - 2004
  9. Willie Glen Gyger1913 - 1996
Facts and Events
Name[1] Early Ernest Gyger
Gender Male
Birth[2] 29 Nov 1871 Tyler, Smith County, Texas
Marriage 18 Jun 1893 Comanche County, Texasto Corda Ella Painter
Death[3] 8 Nov 1958 Glendale, Arizona

When mother married Milton Pitt, Early remained and worked with his grandparents and eventually Larkin adopted him, making his name officially Early Ernest Gyger.

In a copy of newspaper article about 50th anniversary. Early is said to be born in Brown County, Texas

Gail at one time thought that Early was born in Brown County, Texas. What made him change his mind?

1900 Census of Comanche County, Texas p. 182 A. Name Birth Age Married Born FB MB Occupation Gyger, Early Nov. 1871 28 7 yrs TX TX TX Engineer

    Corda     Apr. 1876     24    7 yrs     TX   GA   MO   
    Alvin     May 1894     6      TX   TX   TX
    Ernest    July 1897      2         TX   TX   TX
    Cecil     Dec. 1899   5/12         TX   TX   TX

1910 Census of Mangum, Greer County, Oklahoma, Ward 1, p. 68 Gyger, Early head 37 md 16 yrs. TX TX TX Engineer, Steam Engine

           Cordie     wife    33   md 16 yrs.  7 - 7  TX   GA   MO
           Alvin K.    son    15            TX   TX   TX
          Ernest B.  son     12             TX   TX   TX
           Cecil E.    son    10            TX   TX   TX
           Lucille    dau      7            TX   TX   TX
           Roy R.     son     5             OK   TX   TX
          Floyd W.   son    4               OK   TX   TX
     Freddie L.      son    2               OK   TX   TX

On his tombstone his name is spelled Early

From the notes of Floyd and Arlene Gyger: "Grandma Pitts, the grandmother of Early Ernest Gyger, was rocking the baby (Early Ernest Gyger) when his true father, Will Wellington came to see his son. He never got to see the baby. Early was six months old and Will Wellington had come to take his son and Tabitha Pitts (Early's mother) with him. Granpa Pitts chased Will Wellington away and he never did get to see the baby. Will Wellington, Early's father, was killed in a dispute over water for cattle and was buried at Tyler, Texas.

According to Corda Gyger's obituary they came to Phoenix in 1925.

  1. Card from Erly Ernest Gyger's funeral.
  2. Card from Erly Ernest Gyger's funeral.
  3. Card from Erly Ernest Gyger's funeral.