Person:Dorcas Hinton (1)

Dorcas Hinton
b.Abt 1779 Virginia
m. 1764
  1. Jeremiah Blackburn Hinton1765 - 1850
  2. Deborah Hinton1769 - 1840
  3. Rebecca Kay HintonBef 1770 - Abt 1820
  4. Polly Hinton1773 -
  5. Solomon Hinton1775 - 1839
  6. Dorcas HintonAbt 1779 - 1863
  7. James Hinton, Jr.Bef 1780 -
  8. Asher Hinton1782 - 1856
  • HJohn Gibson1761 - 1834
  • WDorcas HintonAbt 1779 - 1863
m. Abt 1799
  1. Susan Gibson1799 -
Facts and Events
Name Dorcas Hinton
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1779 Virginia[age 11 in 1856]
Marriage Abt 1799 Fayette County, Kentucky[married at Dorcas Hinton's Father's House]
to John Gibson
Death[1] 7 Jul 1863 Boone County, Missouri
  1. Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    From the Revolutionary War Pension File of Dorcas Hinton's husband, John Gibson:

    NOTE: On 15 May 1856 Dorcas Gibson, 77, of Audrain County MO, applied for bounty land as the widow of John Gibson. On 17 Dec 1857 at age 78 and living in Boone County MO, she applied for a pension stating that as Dorcas Hinton she married John Gibson in 1800, and he died at their home on Eagle Creek in Scott County KY on 17 March 1834. On 6 Jan 1858 Nancy Hinton, 69, of Scott County,certified the marriage and stated that Dorcas Hinton was the daughter of James Hinton. On 16 April 1858 William and Sary Penn stated that in the family Bible of Capt. Samuel Penn was recorded the date ofbirth of his second wife, Susan Gibson, oldest daughter of John and Dorcas Gibson, and that she was born on 25 July 1799.The file also includes the following statement:In the Name of the Commonwealthe of Kentuckey Sct, This day [16 April 1858] Personeley Appeared Before me [Jacob B. Neal] A Justice of the Peace in an for Scott County Kentuckey Nansey Jeames and John Vance.And was Duley Sworned an Deposethe an sayethe, I Sertife that John Gibson an Darcas Hinton was Married at Hir Farthers House in Fayette County Kentuckey, About sixty years ago yours. Furtheremy Farthers Name was Peter AntleAnd I well Remember coming home Withe Uncol John Gibson and Ant Dorcas Gibson to Eagle Creek it Eagle creeke in Scott County Ky, was then a Wilderness Part of the Contry an Neare to TurkeyFoot whare they went to House ceaping an from there Uncol an Ant Gibson Moved to the Horseshue Bend of main Eagle Creek whare he lived maney years be Fore he Died.I Loved my Ant an Frequentley went to see them Frome my Grand Farthers Hintons. I Also Remember Hearing Uncol John Gibson Relate some of the Triales and Suffering of the Farthers in the Revolutionary War Withe England that they had to get Thorns to Pine [pin] there clothing an great was there Distress they suffering an i No Uncle John Gibson Died A Bout 24 years ago An that Ant Darcas Gibson is the Identical Widowe of Uncle John Gibson whoe moved to Missoura some yearese a ge an I Feel Disenteresed in making these statements.
    Nancy James/ John Vance

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