Person:David Shepherd (12)

Col. David Shepherd
m. 1733
  1. Sarah ShepherdAbt 1734 - 1780
  2. Col. David Shepherd1734 - 1795
  3. Elizabeth Shepherd1738 - 1788
  4. William Shepherd1741 - 1824
  5. Thomas Shepherd1745 - 1792
  6. John Shepherd1749 - 1812
  7. Mary Shepherd1752 - 1812
  8. Martha Shepherd1752 - 1825
  9. Abraham Shepherd1754 - 1822
  10. Susanna Shepherd1758 - 1835
  • HCol. David Shepherd1734 - 1795
  • WRachel TeagueEst 1735 - 1795
m. bef. 1753
  1. William Shepherd1753 - 1777
  2. Elizabeth Shepherd1755 - 1831
  3. Ruth Shepherd1757 - 1846
  4. Sarah Shepherd1759 - 1832
  5. Col. Moses Shepherd1763 - 1832
Facts and Events
Name Col. David Shepherd
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1 Jan 1734 Berkeley, Virginia, United States
Marriage bef. 1753 to Rachel Teague
Death[1] 2 Feb 1795 Ohio, Virginia, United States

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Robinson vs. Shepherd--O. S. 225; N. S. 79--Orator, Samuel Robinson of Ohio County. In November, 1784, he bought 400 acres from John Kyle in Ohio County, who had a certificate in right of settlement granted to said Kyle and John Fleming. Patent issued 5th July, 1786. In 1786 Kyle died testate, leaving Edward Cook, his executor. David Shepherd had a military warrant for 900 acres, which included 200 acres, part of the 400. Edward Shepherd died, leaving only son Moses Shepherd. Elizabeth Lee, wife of John Lee; Sarah Springer, wife of Levi Springer; and Ruth Mills, wife of John Mills, his daughters and Sarah Bell, wife of Zephania Bell, his granddaughter. (Note: Elizabeth Lee, Sarah Springer and Ruth Mills were daughters of David Shepherd).
  • Larew vs. Shepherd--O. S. 120; N. S. 41--Bill, April, 1800. Orators are Abraham and Lambert Larue, of Hampshire County, and Isaac and Jacob Larue, of Ohio County. On 27th October, 1780, Isaac Larue of Frederick County, grandfather of orators, entered 300 acres in Ohio County, on an island in the Ohio River opposite Middle Island Creek; also 2,000 acres on both sides of mouth of Middle Island Creek. Isaac (Sr.) died, April, 1795, testate (will dated 1st August, 1794) devising above lands to orators as the four sons of Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac. In 1780, David Shepherd, late of Ohio County, deceased, made an entry by military warrant to cover a large portion of above tracts. David died January, 1796, intestate as to this land, leaving Moses Shepherd (son); Elizabeth Lee, wife of John Lee (daughter); Sarah Springer, wife of Levi Springer (daughter); Ruth Mills, wife of John Mills (daughter); Elizabeth Beall, wife of Zephaniah Beall, daughter and sole heir of William Shepherd, deceased, who was son of David Shepherd. Ejectment was brought in County Court. Injunction granted in Chancery Court on confession of judgment in ejectment suit. Copy of Isaac Larue's will, dated 1st August, 1794, proved in Superior Court for Frederick, Berkeley, &c., 3d September, 1795. Wife, Phebe; sons, James and Jabez; daughter Elizabeth (Lee)'s son Abraham and her sons Isaac, Jacob and Lamberd. See plats of surveys on Ohio River. Survey for Daniel McFarland, assignee of Jeremiah Learner. Andrew Zane deposes in Ohio County, 12th December, 1805, that in 1771 he was hunting on the Ohio River opposite the island, on which he saw an improvement made by Michael Tygart.

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