Person:David Rinehart (14)

David Frank Rinehart
d.30 Dec 1872 Cass County, Indiana
m. Abt 1780
  1. David Frank Rinehart1788 - 1872
  1. Lydia "Lidy" Rinehart1814 - 1898
  2. Susannah Rinehart1815 - 1848
  3. Obed Rinehart1819 -
  4. Sarah Elizabeth Rinehart1821 - 1922
  5. Abraham Rinehart1823 - 1916
  6. Joseph B Rinehart1825 - 1861
  7. Magdalene Rinehart1827 - 1903
  8. Mary Rinehart1830 - 1878
  9. Jacob F. Rinehart1832 - 1904
  10. David F. Rinehart, Jr1834 - 1862
Facts and Events
Name David Frank Rinehart
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 15 Apr 1788 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage to Magdalene Fellers
Residence[2][6] 1815 Dixon Township, Preble County, Ohio
Other? 1815 to Ohio moved
Other[3] 1853 to Cass County moved
Other[2] 1863 Cass County, Indianato be w. children moved
Other[4] 1870 Deer Creek Township, Cass, IndianaM593 Roll: 302 Page: 67 U.S. census
Death? 30 Dec 1872 Cass County, Indiana
Burial? Cass County, Indiana (Ramer Cem.)Map: Latitude: N40.6036111111111 Longitude: W86.3275 Hoover-Snyder

from notes of Beth Moore Masters: Beth Masters --- "In 1815 David and his brothers Jacob, Abraham, Obediah, their families and parents left Augusta county, Va for Preble Co., Ohio David settled in Lanier and Dixon townships. Jacob and David were recorded in 1820 census and Abraham in Lanier township in 1830. The only record for Obediah were cemetery records in 1846 in Montgomery County, Oh. Adam and Hannah died about 1821 and 1823 in Preble county. (This information provided by Mandie Elliot as told by Clemence, Ulrich's 7th g-granddaughter who lives within 25 miles of Ulrich's old farm.) David Rinehart gives his birth as Rockingham County, Va. David could have been Baptist --even German Baptist --but not Dunkard -- as that sect was not started until 1926 --- per Karen Helser -- Have finally had time to glance over your above named file. Now I am no expert BUT although all are Brethren, there is a difference between Church of the Brethren and Old German Baptist Brethren and Dunkard Brethren and I believe there is also a Brethern Church [yes, there is. I just checked. It is a a wing of the Progressive Brethren movement of the 1870's & 1880's.] All are different is some why and have different churches, many close together. OGBB churches are ALSO constructed of wood. That I do know. From DFR's obit. it says he was a Dunkard. The Dunkard Brethren was founded in 1926 according to the "Brethren Encyclopedia". Here is betting he was Old German Baptist Brethren (OGBB). Have you ever seen his old church? Old or new, OGBB churches are wood and painted white. If there is ANY brick, it is not OGBB. It may be Church of the Brethren with wood, too. But David by definition could not have been Dunkard Brethren because he wasn't alive. He was probably German Baptist as was his father! . Their first church started in 1926 and is still around today. But by 1926, David Frank Rinehart was long gone! David Rinehart's will (1788-1872) copied by Peggy Rinehart Aug 19, 1975 Logansport, Indiana Courthouse (Cass County) will Record Book #2 (Dec 1860 -May 1877) I, David Rinehart, Sen'r, of Cass County, Ind., being advanced in years and somewhat feeble in health, but, thanks be to God, of a sound mind and a disposing mind and memory, do hereby make,publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, to wit, I direct that my body be modestly but decently ,interred. according to the conditions in life, and that all my just debts, if any, should exist, at the time of my decease be promptly and punctually paid by my executors. Secondly - I give bequeath and devise all of my estate both real and personal, to my children and their descendants, to be distributed among them, the descendants taking equally the shares their ancestors would have taken if living, except, as herein after provided as to David, son of my son, Joseph Rinehart, deceased, provided however, that the following amounts heretofore given by me as advancements to my said children and their descendants, shall be deemed as a portion of the common fund of my estate, and shall first be taken into account and deducted from their respective shares of said estate, to wit: Obed Rinehart, Abraham Rinehart, Magdalene Lybrook, wife of Daniel Lybrook, Mary Guard (sic), wife of Canada Guard (sic), Sarah Rhea, wife of Robert K. Rhea, Jacob F. Rinehart, Lydia Rinehart, my children, each of them the sum of eight hundred and thirty five dollars: the children of Susan Moss, deceased, late wife of Edmund Moss, and my grandchildren, the like some of eight hundred and thirty five dollars; the children of Joseph Rinehart, deceased, and being my grandchildren, the sum of one hundred and twenty eight dollars: and provided, further, that I especially will and direct that my daughter, Lydia Rinehart shall have for special services rendered in my behalf, the house which I build on her lot of land, over and above the equal share with the other children: and provided further, that I especially will and direct that all portions of my estate that may be coming to my son Jacob F. Rinehart, over and above what he has received, shall go to his daughter, Jennette C. Rinehart instead of to him: and, provided, further that in case that the said Jennette C. Rinehart shall decease before she becomes of lawful age, I will and direct that the said portion shall go to her aunt Lydia Rinehart for raising her: and I further will and direct that the said portion shall be taken possession of by my son- in-law, Daniel Lybrook, and to be disposed of by him as he may think best and proper for her benefit, until she becomes of lawful age: and, provided to the children of my son Joseph, deceased, I specifically will and direct the David Rinehart, his son, by reason of his special services in my behalf, shall have the sum of fifty dollars, over and above the amount that would otherwise be his equal share of the amount coming to him as one of the children of his father, as above mentioned: and provided also that I expressly will and direct that the share of my estate hereby coming the children of my said son, Joseph Rinehart, deceased, shall be taken possession of by my son-in-law Daniel Lybrook, and be disposed of by him as he may think best for said children, until they are, each of them of fill age - when he shall account for and pay over to them, their respective shares of the same. Finally, I hearby appoint Daniel Lybrook, my friend and son-in-law, to be the sole executor of this my last will and testament. In testimony where of I have hereunto subsribed my name at home in Deer Creek Township, Cass county, Indiana on this second day of April, Eighteen hundred and sixty seven. David Rinehart witnessed by: Thomas Newport and John Hendrixson The will of David Rinehart, Sr. was provided by Dave and Peggy Rinehart. Records were found at the courthouse in Logansport, Indiana. NOTE: Calculating the sums given to each child and grandchild in cash sums $12,529 plus the property making David a relatively wealthy man for his time period. from notes of Beth Moore Masters: David Rinehart is buried at Hoover -Snider Cemetery, Cass County, In another source give his burial at Lybrook Cemetery, Union county, Indiana From Preble County, Ohio history Ulrich Rinehart (Raynehart, Reinhardt) took his oath of allegiance when he arrived at Philadelphia in Aug 1733. He settled on a farm near the Schuykill River in cheter County, a half mile below Frick's Lock. The walls of his large stone house stood until 1989. Born in 1704 in Bavaria, Germany, family unknown, Coventry church records of East Coventry show he married 3 times and had 9 sons, 4 each by 2 wives and 1 by a third. He was buried in the Union Graveyard at Parkersford, Chester County. with this inscription on his tombstone U.R. Feb 12,1787 88 1/2 Ulrich's son Adam (second child of second wife) name unknown, was born 1748 in Chester county and married Hannah born around 1752 in Pa. and had 6 children: Jacob, Abraham, David, Obediah, Hettie and Anne. Little is known about Adam and Hannah who moved with their first 2 children to Maryland, following some of his brothers. There David was born in 1788. The family moved on to Augusta County, Va about 1790, probably searching for an established German Baptist church. There, in 1813, David married Magdaline Fellers, born in 1794 in Rockingham County, Va. In 1815, David Rinehart and brothers Jacob, Abraham and Obediah, their families and parents left AugustaCo., Va for Preble co Ohio. David settled in Lanier and Dixon townships. Jacob and David were recorded in 1820 Ohio census and Abraham in Lanier twp in 1830 Ohio census. The only records found for Obediah were in 1846 Montgomery County, Oh in the cemetery records. Adam and Hannah died about 1821 and 1823 in Preble county, Ohio After Magdaline's death at her home in Dixon Twp. in 1862, David moved to Indiana, where all but 2 of his children lived. He had been a deacon in his church for 41 years when he died in 1873 in Cass County,Ind. Their children: Lydia born in Va., 1814, never married, died 1898, Indiana; Susannah born Ohio 1815, married Edmund Moss died 1848 in Indiana -9 children; Obed Oliver born Ohio, 1819, Married Alcey Rhea died after 1850 in Ohio; Sarah Elizabeth born Ohio Jan 1821, married Robert K. Rhea died Dec 1922 Ind -9 children; Abraham born Ohio 1823, married Elizabeth Toney died 1916, Indiana - 9 children; Joseph born in Ohio 1825, married Catherine Flora died 1861 Indiana -3 children; Magdaline born Ohio 1827 married Daniel Lybrook died 1903 Indiana- 8 children; Mary born Ohio 1830, married Canada Gard (Guard) died 1878, Indiana - 8 children; Jacob F. born Ohio 1833 married 3 times, died 1904 -3 children; amd David born 1834 not married died 1862 Ohio. date of death of 12-30-1873 Cass County, In from source: Elma Henning -- Ulrich Rinehart Family and Descendants 1704-1985 page 247 Obituary: 12-30-1873 David Rinehart died near Logansport, In 12-30-1873, age 84. He was born in Maryland and moved with his parents to Augusta County, Va. He moved to Preble County, Ohio in 1815 and lived in Lanier and Dixon Twp In 1863, he moved to Cass county, In. He was a Deacon 41 years. 7 children survive. Mrs. Magdaline Rinehart died at her home in Dixon Twp, Preble county, Ohio 9-21-1862, age 68y, 8m.,4d A Dunkard for 42 years. Kenneth Koch has his name as David M. Rinehart This is incorrect --- he is David Frank Rinehart in the family Bible -- found by Jim Gifford (12-2001) DATE OF DEATH --- SOURCE: FAMILY BIBLE In response to your research I wanted to share what I have found. Within the pages of an "olde" family Bible Adam Jacob Rinehart Sr., the 7th day of January 1817, aged 62 years, 6 months, 25 days. David Frank Rinehart Sr., born the 15th day of April in the year of our Lord 1788. Source: Jim Gifford personal e-mail correspondence of 12-22-2001 1850 census: Dixon Twp, Preble County, Ohio Rinehart, David 62 b. Md. farmer $3500 Magdaline 56 b. VA. Lydia 36 Jacob 18 David 16 1860 census: Dixon Township, Preble County, Ohio page 271 / image 16 Rinehart David 72 b. In farmer $8,000/1200 Magdalena 66 b. Va Lydia 46 b. Oh David 26 b. Oh Moss Mary 17 b. Ind Sarah 10 b. Ind 1870 census: Deer Creek Township, Cass County, Ind. ********* Natalie Somer 8-9-2003 *********** 220. David Frank RINEHART,10 son of Adam Jacob RINEHART and Living , was born on 15 Apr 1788,26 died on 30 Dec 1872, at age 84, and was buried in Hoover Snider Cem, Cass Co., IN. David married Magdeline FELLERS on 14 Oct 1813 in Augusta Co, VA. Children from this marriage were: 110 i. Jacob F RINEHART (born on 24 Aug 1833 Preble County, OH - died on 25 Feb 1904 in Cass Co, IN) ii. Magdalene RINEHART (buried in Miller's Cemetery, Walton, Cass Co., IN) iii. Lydia RINEHART (born in 1814 Augusta Co, VA - died in 1898 in Cass Co, IN) 221. Magdeline FELLERS was born on 22 Jan 1794 in Rockingham Co, VA and died on 21 Sep 1862, at age 68. Another name for Magdeline was Polly. Magdeline married David Frank RINEHART on 14 Oct 1813 in Augusta Co, VA. Randolph Clark ************** RINEHART R2 DAVID RINEHART m. 10/14/1813 Magdalene Fellers (Polly) b. 4/15/1788 MD b. 1/22/1794 Rockingham Co. VA d. 12/30/1873 Cass Co. IN d. 9/21/1862 Preble Co. IN bur: Lybrook Cemetery f. Adam Rinehart m. Hannah c1790 -Augusta Co. VA 1815 -Preble Co. OH, Dixon twp; farm south of Toney's (father and brothers to Twin Creek) 1863 -Cass Co. IN, to be with children deacon/Four Mile Church ch: Lydia (1814-1898) nm M315 Susanna (1815-1848) m. 1833, Edmon Moss Carroll Co. IN Obed (1819- m. 1841, Alice Rhea Preble Co. OH R24 Sarah (1821-1922) m. 1840, Robert Rhea Cass Co. IN R25 Abraham (1823-1916) m. 1849, Elizabeth Toney Cass Co. IN R26 Joseph (1825-1861) m. 1848, Catherine Flora Cass Co. IN L148 Magdalene (1827-1903) m. 1847, Daniel Lybrook Cass Co. IN R28 Mary (1830-1878) m. 1849, Canada Gard Cass Co. IN Jacob (1833-1904) 3/m Cass Co. IN David (1834-1862) d. typhoid fever epidemic R24 SARAH ELIZABETH RINEHART m. 9/3/1840 Robert Kirkham Rhea b. 1/1/1821 Preble Co. OH b. 2/3/1813 Knox Co. TN d. 12/4/1922 Cass Co. IN d. 11/16/1901 Cass Co. IN bur: Pleasant Valley Cemetery bur: Mason Cem. Young America f. David Rinehart f. John S. Rhea m. Magdalene Fellers m. Elizabeth Smith m. Preble Co. OH lived Preble Co. OH, Dixon Twp 1854 -Cass Co. IN, Washington Twp blacksmith ch: Nancy M (1843-1941) m. 1863, Thomas Tolen Cass Co. IN Archibald (1844-1925) m. 1862, Minerva Dawson Cass Co. IN Lydia F (1846- m. 1869, William S Graves Albert S (1849-1946) m. 1873, Mary Keefer Carroll Co. IN Mary (1853- 1/m McCumbers Oregon 2/m Sine David (1855- m. 1890, Cedda Coscoa ?Missouri Sarah (1857-1942) m. 1874, Jacob B. Nelson Cass Co. IN Ida Jane (1860- m. 1883, Eugene Fulton Wichita, KS R25 ABRAHAM RINEHART m. 9/19/1829 Elizabeth Toney (T1753) b. 7/6/1823 Preble Co. OH b. 12/9/1829 Union Co. IN d. 11/30/1916 Cass Co. IN d. 6/10/1906 Miami Co. IN bur: Onward Cemetery, Onward, IN bur: Onward Cemetery f. David Rinehart f. James Toney m. Magdalene Fellers m. Sarah Lybrook 1847 -Cass Co. IN Elder/Upper Deer Creek Church 1881 -Pipe Creek Church ch: James (1850-1922) m. Carolina Clingenpeel Miami Co. IN David (1852-1922) m. Fanny Miller Sarah (1853-1856) Obediah (1855-1937) m. 1878, Lydia Smith (M31521) Onward, IN Findley (1857-1941) m. 1881, Margaret Hoover Cass Co. IN Charles (1860-1935) nm Onward, IN Robert (1862-1898) nm Onward, IN Alma (1865-1947) m. Aaron Coblentz Peru, IN Mary Ann (1870-1928) nm Onward, IN R26 JOSEPH RINEHART m. 8/10/1848 Catherine Flora b. 8/29/1825 Preble Co. OH b. 2/22/1822 Preble Co. OH d. 12/5/1861 Cass Co. IN d. 4/10/1861 Cass Co. IN f. David Rinehart f. Jonathan Flora m. Magdalene Fellers m. Mary Bowman m. Eaton, OH died of Typhoid Fever 2/h John Studebaker, m. 1863 minister/Upper Deer Cr. ch: David (1849-1936) m. 1876, Frances Whitesell Preble Co. OH Mary (1852- m. 1871, Isaac Studebaker Galveston, IN Nancy (1854-1946) m. 1880, Warren Walker R28 MARY RINEHART m. 9/20/1849 Canada Gard b. 3/3/1830 Preble Co. OH b. 10/1/1823 Union Co. IN d. 4/18/1878 Cass Co. IN d. 10/6/1870 Cass Co. IN f. David Rinehart f. Lot Gard m. Magdalene Fellers m. Anna Vance m. Preble Co. OH lived Preble Co. OH Lot lived across road west of 1854 -Cass Co. IN Upper Four Mile Church deacon bro. of Atalanta (A4113) ch: Hugh (1850- Jacob (1853-18875) David (1855- d) Obed (1859- m. Della Bridge Young America, IN Lydia (1862- d) John (1865- d) Sarah (1867-1884) Mary (1870- d) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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