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David Morrow
d.1780 Maryland
  1. David MorrowABT 1690 - 1780
  2. Jeremiah Morrow1702 - 1744
  3. Caleb MORROW1704 -
  4. Alexander Morrow1704 -
  5. Daniel Morrowabt 1708 - 1779-1800
  1. Alexander Morrow - AFT 1787
  2. Adam Morrow
  3. “Old” Samuel MorrowABT 1715 - 1796
  4. David Morrow, “of Spartanburg”ABT 1715 -
  5. William MorrowABT 1725 - BEF 1782
Facts and Events
Name David Morrow
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1690 Lower Norfolk, VA
Death[1] 1780 Maryland
Other?  Refuted child?: James Morrow (16) 
Other?  Refuted Wife?: Hannah Hopkins 
Burial? Baltimore, MD

“David (50) Morrow” in Worth Ray’s parlance.

He resided in VA (early 1700's) then moved to Maryland (1710's-1780). Fought in the Revolutionary War.

Connection to Alexander and Grace Smith based on lore than Alexander’s son went to Maryland AND DNA of descendants of David and brother Daniel.

Refuted Connections

This David is often tied to Hannah Hopkins because of a will dated Nov 22, 1734, where David Murray was a testator in the will of Elizabeth Davis of Somerset County, Maryland. Other testators include Nathaniel Hopkins and Hannah Murray. HOWEVER, subsequent research uncovered the will of David m. Hannah Hopkins and the list of children is DIFFERENT than those connected to this David (Samuel, Adam, and David)

DNA has also refuted the theory that Person:James Morrow (16), m. Elizabeth Frame, was a son of this David.

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