Person:David Morrow (5)

David Morrow, “of Spartanburg”
b.ABT 1715
  1. Alexander Morrow - AFT 1787
  2. Adam Morrow
  3. “Old” Samuel MorrowABT 1715 - 1796
  4. David Morrow, “of Spartanburg”ABT 1715 -
  5. William MorrowABT 1725 - BEF 1782
  • HDavid Morrow, “of Spartanburg”ABT 1715 -
  • WMary (4)
  1. John MorrowABT 1749 - 1781
  2. Robert Morrow1752 - 1823
  3. Maj. Samuel Morrow1760 - 1842
Facts and Events
Name David Morrow, “of Spartanburg”
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1715
Census? 1790 Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States

David and wife Mary had land transactions in the Fishing Creek area near Chester, South Carolina in the 1760s to 1785. One deed was witnessed by Samuel Morrow, then proven by “Samuel Morrow of Spartanburg” in 1786. David, Saml and Capt. Saml Murrow appear on pages 25 and 26 of the 1790 Spartanburg, SC census. They also owned adjacent tracts of land in the Spartanburg area in the 1780s.

From the "Visitation Journal" of Rev John Simpson, pastor of two Presbyterian congregations (in present day Chester area): Visited Jan 16, 1775:
David Morrow
Mary Morrow,
children: Robert,


John Morrow
Mary Morrow.
Jan 18, 1775...

This fits the known timeline for Robert Morrow (born 30 July 1752, died August 1823 Morgan Co, AL), which is that he married widow Jane (Peden) Morton c1774 in the Chester SC area. (source: "Pedens of America"). By 1780 Robert was a private in the SC Militia serving with the Spartan Regiment, later renamed Roebuck's Regiment. His first child Samuel was born Nov. 8, 1775. His second child William was born Nov. 5, 1777. William's tombstone states he was born in Chester District SC.

The other son shown in the Visitation Journal, the man in the records above called “Major Sam”, would have been 14. The John and Mary Morrow next door would have been “Lt. John” and his wife Mary Kelsey. This places the three men as sons of this David. In addition, descendants of these three men match DNA with a pattern that differs from other descendants of this general family.

Worth Ray in “Tennessee Cousins” pg 256 gives the elder Samuel (102) Morrow a brother David, whom he calls Rev. David (100)Morrow and married to Elizabeth Catlett. Several descendants of familes Ray alleges were descended from this David have since come back unrelated (via DNA testing)both to each other and to other participants connected to “Old Samuel(102).” In addition, there is a document in which Major Sam refers to “Old Samuel” as his uncle, which would fit with him being the son of this David. Therefore, the theory of the MorrowDNA project participants is that this David, “David of Spartanburg” was the father of Major Samuel, Lt. John, and Robert d. 1823, and that David Morrow m. Elizabeth Catlett is unrelated. Another brother to "Old Samuel (102) Morrow" alleged by Worth Ray, is Adam (103) Morrow and DNA testing has proven kinship to the David of Spartanburg line as well as the Daniel (55) Morrow line.