Person:David Morrow (10)

David* Morrow
  1. Joseph Morrow1760 - 1835
  2. David* Morrow1762 - 1843
  3. Robert MorrowABT 1765 -
  4. Thomas Morrow1765 - 1846
  1. John Morrow1784 - 1854
  2. Samuel Morrow1786 - AFT 1860
  3. Alexander Morrow1788 - 1834-1840
  4. Joseph* Morrow1790 - 1868
  5. Adam Morrow1796 - AFT 1853
  6. David Morrow1798 - 1858
  7. George P. Morrow1801 - 1880
Facts and Events
Name David* Morrow
Gender Male
Birth? 1762 near Baltimore, MD
Death[1] 17 OCT 1843 Oxford, Lafayette Co, MS

DNA of descendant of son Joseph matches descendant of brother Thomas, and to a slightly less degree, that of descendants of 2nd cousins Robert, John and Samuel.

Progenitor of the Red bay, Alabama Morrow clan that celebrates a reunion each year on his homestead.

This man was long thought to be the brother of Major Sam Morrow based on deeds and their pension applications. They were long thought to be sons of Old Samuel of Spartanburg. However, based on a 1949 manuscript by David’s descendants, David is said to be the son of David and Agnes. Furthermore, DNA of David’s descendants and those of Thomas m. Janet McCarter matches. The DNA of descendants of Major Sam, Lt. John (m. Mary Kelso), and Robert (m. Jane Peden) also matches, and is different from the David and Thomas descendants by one particular marker. Therefore, David and Thomas are considered brothers and sons of David and Agnes, and cousins of the other men.

David and family lived in the Rocky River section of Chester Co SC and remained there until their children were grown. In 1818 they all moved to Dallas Co Al where he received a land patent for 320 acres. They appeared in the 1830 census in Dallas Co. It is believed that Margaret died in Dallas Co. By 1833 David had moved with his sons to Lawrence Co, Al where he filed his application for Rev War pension. David then moved to Lafayette Co, Ms where he died. Source of information: Page 121of "Morrows and Related Families" by Dr. J.T. Morrow 1979.

1800 census of Chester Co SC, only one David Morrow was found, listed on page78, as follows: three sons under 10; two sons 10-16; one son 16-26; two sons 26-45; one male 45 & up; one female under 10; one female 45 & up. This fits the profile of David 1762-1843, but there were many cousins and nephews by the name. 1810 Chester Co, SC: David Morrow Esq: one male under 10; two 10-16; three 16-26; one 45 & over; one female under 10; two 16-26; one female 45 & over.

  1. BillMorrow.