Person:David Mitchell (43)

David Mitchell
b.Est. 1677-1687 Prob. Ireland
d.Bet. Feb. - Oct. 1739 Prob. Orange County, Virginia
  • HDavid MitchellEst 1677-1687 - Bet 1739
  • WMartha UnknownEst 1680-1690 - Bef 1759
m. Bef. 1707
  1. David MitchellBef 1707 -
  2. James MitchellEst 1710-1720 -
  3. Elizabeth MitchellBef 1725-1735 -
  4. Sarah MitchellEst 1725-1735 -
Facts and Events
Name David Mitchell
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1677-1687 Prob. Ireland
Marriage Bef. 1707 to Martha Unknown
Death? Bet. Feb. - Oct. 1739 Prob. Orange County, Virginia

David Mitchell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Importation to Orange County, Virginia

The following persons appeared in Orange County, Virginia court to claim "headrights". Headrights were grants of 50 acres of land per "head" - or per white male over the age of 16 who transported himself to the colonies. They appear in the Court of Common Pleas in the county in which the land was granted. These headrights function as an immigration record for English, Scot or Irish immigrants in that time period. The headright identifies the country of origin and generally the port of entry in the colonies.

28 Feb 1739
David Mitchel, Martha, Sarah, James & Eliza Mitchell (from Ireland)

Records of David Mitchell in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

Records in Augusta County for David Mitchell are few. David and his family appeared in Orange County, Virginia court on 28 February 1739, and he must have died shortly thereafter, because his wife Martha received a grant of 279 acres from William Beverley in "Beverley Manor" on 1 October, 1739. David's possible will and estate records are most likely contained in Orange County, Virginia records, where records were recorded prior to late-1745.

  • Page 305.--1st February, 1758. Martha Mitchell's will, widow--Son, James Mitchell. As her son David Mitchell, through the necessity of the times, hath been forced to leave his own habitation, he is to live with James until it pleases God to restore peace to the land. Executors, David and James Mitchell, her sons. Teste: Jno. Fulton, Hugh Fulton, Robert Alexander. Proved, 16th May, 1759, by the Fultons. The executors qualify, with John Hugh Fulton, John Fulton. (Note: in her will, Martha Mitchell, widow of this David Mitchell is no doubt referring to the Indian troubles that plagued much of early Virginia in the 1750's and 1760's).