Person:David Harbison (4)

David Harbison, Jr.
b.13 November 1777 Montgomery County, Virginia
m. 25 June 1773
  1. David Harbison, Jr.1777 - 1820
  2. Col. Samuel Harbison1781 - 1858
  3. John Harbison1783 - 1832
  4. William Harbison1785 - 1826
m. 25 November 1807
  1. James Venable Harbison1808 - 1871
  2. Paulina HarbisonBef 1815 - 1836
  3. Margaret Dean Harbison1816 - 1883
  4. Baxter D. Harbison1818 - 1905
Facts and Events
Name David Harbison, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 13 November 1777 Montgomery County, Virginia
Marriage 25 November 1807 to Martha Davis Venable
Death[1] 5 June 1820 Shelby County, Kentucky

Will Transcript

Last Will and Testament of David Harbison Jr.
I, David Harbison Jr., of Shelby County, Kentucky, being of sound, disposing mind and memory and understanding do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following: it is my will that my Estate be kept together for the support of my wife and children as long as my wife shall continue a widow and be willing to let her part of the Estate continue with the childrens part until my children shall severally arrive at the age of twenty one years and that all the household and kitchen furniture, waggon, farming utensils and stock of every kind be kept on the farm for their use except so much of the stock as my wife and my executors may think proper to sell as necessary for the family.
I lend to my wife Martha D. Harbison, during her natural life one third part of the tract of land whereon I now live. including the dwelling house one third part of my slaves , one third part of my household and kitchen furniture, stock of every kind and farming utensils to be laid off to her whenever she may choose to take her part of the Estate to herself and in this division the property or money which is coming to here from her fathers Estate is to be valued and considered as part of my Estate when my wife shall withdraw her part of the Estate from the Common Stock then my Executors shall make sale of the perishable part of the Estate belonging to my children and either hire out their part of the slaves and rent their land or work their slaves on their land as they may think most to the interest of my children and should by wife die during the minority of any of my children my Executors will dispose of my whole Estate above directed for the benifit of my children.
It is my will that my Executors shall collect all the money which is due to me as soon as practicable and lay out the same in the purchase of good land eith in this State or Territories west of the Ohio River as they may deem most profitable for my children. my executors will also either continue or withdraw my shares in the Capital Stock of the Bank of Kentucky as the expiration of the present charter or sell the same as they shall believe most profitable to my Estate and lay out the money produced by withdrawing or by sale of said Bank Stock as well as any money which may be saved from the profit of my Estate as above directed in the purchase of good land.
It is my will that the expense of raising and educating my children be charged to my Estate generally but if any extraordianary expenses to be charged to such child or children.
My Executors hereinafter named will lay off and allot to each of my children as they shall severally arrive at the age of twenty one years or my daughter Pauline C. Harbison Payne, shall marry their proportions of my Estate which I desire to be equally divided among them in doing which if the land which I now hold in the State of Indiana and that which I have directed to be purchased by my Executors can be also divided and allotted to my older children that the tract of land on which I live now can be allotted to one, two or three of my younger children, I wish it to be done so but if this cannot be done then my executors shall lay off and allot to my children as they come of age a quarter section with of the land I now hold in Indiana or the land which they shall purchase and so much of the slaves and personal Estate as with the land shall be their equal proportion of my Estate and when my youngest child shall come to the age of twenty one years, my Executors will sell the land whereon I now live reserving to my wife, if then living the use of one third part for life so as to enable them to make an equal division of my whole Estate among my children but if any child should marry and died under age leaving a child or children then their child or children to received their part of my estate that part of my Estate which is lent to my wife will be considered in the division among my children until her death except it be necessary to dividing the land I now live on.
I give to my son James V. Harbison a good young horse or mare to be furnished by my Executors when he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years from among the horses on the farm in consideration of a will given by his grandfather Venerable, do herby nomintate consitute and appoint my wife Martha Davis Harbison, my brothers John and William Harbison and Joseph Verable Executors of this my last will and testament.
In Witness whereof I have herunto set my hand and seal this 14th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty.
[Signed] David Harbison [Seal]
Signed, sealed and published in presence of
Elizabeth Venerable
James Moore
Jos. M. Venerable
James Venerable
A writing purposing to be the last will and testament of David Harbison Junr dec. was produced in Court and therupon James Moore and Joseph M. Venerable subscribing witnesses to said writing being duly sworn state that the said writing was signed, sealed, acknowledged and delivered by the said David Harbinson Jr. as and for his last will and testament and that they believe the said David was of sound disposing mind and memory at the time of doing the same which will is ordered to be recorded. Whereupon Martha D. harbison, John Harbison and William Harbison the executors named in said will came into court and took upon themselves the burden of the execution thereof and having taken the oath required by law and entered into bond with Samuel Harbison and Thomas King their securities in the penalty of $20,000 conditioned as the law directs a probate of said will is granted them in due form of law.
Whitaker Ck
State of Kentucky
County of Shelby, SCT
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    David Harbison
    BIRTH 13 Nov 1777
    Montgomery County, Virginia, USA
    DEATH 4 Jun 1820 (aged 42)
    Shelby County, Kentucky, USA
    BURIAL: Grove Hill Cemetery
    Shelbyville, Shelby County, Kentucky, USA