Person:David Carson (7)

David Carson, of Washington County, VA
b.abt. 1741
  • HDavid Carson, of Washington County, VAabt 1741 - abt 1803
  • WElizabeth Dysartabt 1745 - 1786
m. abt. 1765
  1. James Carson1766 - 1818
  2. Mary Carson1772 - 1844
  3. Margaret Ann Carson1774 - 1845
  4. Joseph Carson1778 - 1815
  5. William Carson1778 - 1830
  6. David Carson, Jr.1780 - 1839
  7. Samuel Carson1783 - 1847
  8. Elizabeth Carson1784 - 1863
  9. Charles Campbell Carson1786 - 1863
Facts and Events
Name David Carson, of Washington County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1741
Marriage abt. 1765 to Elizabeth Dysart
Death[2] abt. 1803 Washington County, Virginia



Note to be confused with David Carson of Augusta County who married Elizabeth Christian.

Land Records in Washington County, VA

  • Page 343 - David Carson - 365 ac[res] - treasury warrant #8423 - in the Poor Valley on the waters of Cane Creek and Trading Creek, branches of Powells' River - beginning on the north side of the Poor Valley Knobs - corner to John Barr - at the foot of the Stone Mountain - January 5, 1786
  • Page 384 - John Larimer - 20 ac[res] - assignee of David Carson - treasury warrant #15027 - on a branch of the south fork of Holstein - corner to Mathew Buchanan's land - corner to Moses Buchanan - June 5, 1789
  • Page 389 - John Barr & John Donnell - 500 ac[res] - treasury warrant #2028 - on the waters of Cain Creek, a branch of Powells River in the Poor Valley above Cranks Gap - beginning on the north side of the Poor Valley knobbs corner to David Carson's land - on the south side of the Stone Mountain - at the foot of the Poor Valley knobbs and along the same - January 5, 1786.
  • Page 400 - Elijah Debusk, assignee of John Lorbrough & c - 200 ac[res] - Commissioners Certificate - on the south side of the south fork of Holstein River - on the north side of a valley corner to Robert Edmondson's survey - corner to Palsor Rouse - on the south side of the knobs - June 7, 1792...John Cerbrours - 200 ac - on the waters of the south fork on the south side, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772 - August 31, 1781... Assigned to Elijah Debusk. Signed: David Carson.

Estate Records

Settlement between David Craig and other heirs of David Carson
Dated June 19, 1809 in Lincoln County, Kentucky
Dated July 3, 1809 in Knox County, Kentucky,
Dated August 16, 1809 in Washington County, Virginia
Recorded in Washington County, Virginia Deed Book 4, page 201.
David Craig of Washington Co, Virginia
William Craig and wife Mary of Knox County, Kentucky
William Carson and wife Eleanor of Lincoln County, Kentucky
Joseph Carson and wife Mary of Lincoln County, Kentucky
David Carson and wife Cynthia of Lincoln County, Kentucky
Samuel Carson of Lincoln County, Kentucky
Charles C Carson of Lincoln County, Kentucky
From David Craig, $1500
From other heirs, interest in land in Washington County, Virginia on a branch of the Middle Fork of the Holstein River. Same land as was granted to David Carson, deceased, by patent dated June 20, 1785. Bounded by: Collin Crilley’s land, Thomas Montgomery’s line, Samuel Buchanan’s patent line, Robert Buchanan’s land, except for the 53 acres sold by David Carson to William Moore on March 20, 1792. (Richard Montgomery later acquired Collin Crilley's land.)

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • * Vol. 2 - Simon Ely vs. James Thompson--O. S. 36; N. S. 12--(See Eli vs. Davis, supra; same case.) Robert Davis deposes, 1802, that in 1779, he and Alex. Wiley drove cattle to Turkey Cove in Powell's Valley where they found Peter Cloud living, tending stock for James Thompson. He and Alex continued on to the Cumberland country and then returned. William Collier deposes. David Dryden deposes that in 1771 he removed to the country now called Washington, and came to the house of Thomas Berry. William Blanton deposes, September, 1803, that he has been acquainted with Powell's Valley since 1770 and was on a hunting party there in 1771-1772. He has now been living in the Valley 11-12 years. Vincent Hobbs deposes 1803, he first became acquainted with the land in 1773 and settled there in 1780. Nathan Richardson deposes, 1804, that he became acquainted with the land in 1770 or 1771 on a hunting trip and met there Thomas Berry and McGehee. Philip Catrine deposes, 1804, that he had been acquainted with the Valley 25 years. Arbuckle was living there then. Vincent Hobbs deposes, 1804, that he first became acquainted in 1770-1771; has lived on the land 17 years. Collier was always called Lying Bill Collier. Robert Preston deposes (brother to Walter Preston). Thomas Berry deposes, September, 1803, that in 1770, or 1771, he went to Powell's Valley with William McGahee, who was then a stranger in the county and went with Thos. on a hunting party. Thomas went up the country after some Buffaloes and when he returned he saw some trees deadened which McGahee claimed as his improvement. McGahee when they went on the hunting party owned a place on Holston bought from one Walling, where he lived about 70 miles from Powell's Valley. Thomas Soward deposes, 1802, is about (56) fifty-six years old; in Russell County; in 1776 he and Jephta Massey, his brother-in-law, settled at Turkey Cove, planted corn, cabbage, peach stone, apple seed and remained on the land until obliged to remove on account of the Indian War. John Hoover deposes, 1804. James Fugate deposes, 1804. Henry Hoover deposes, 1804, that in 1782 he drove Gen. Shelby's stock to range in Turkey Cove. Nathan Richardson aged about sixty-five (65) years, deposes, 1802, that in 1771 he was on a hunting expedition in Powell's Valley and met Thomas Berry, David Carson and William McGahee. Answer states. Jephta Massey made the first settlement, who invited Thomas Sowers to come there who made a settlement. Massey sold to Rachel Arbuckle, who allthough a married woman, being separated from her husband by mutual consent, lived and transacted business as a single woman. Jephtha Massey deposes in Monroe County, 5th November, 1802, in April, 1775 or 1776, he made an improvement on Turkey Cove and remained there until June, when everybody was driven away by the Indians, but returned in the fall.
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    The Carson Family

    David Carson was born about 1741 (not documented) and died about 1803. He lived and worked as a surveyor in and around Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. He was active in religious affairs, community affairs, and the military.

    About 1765, he married Elizabeth Dysart who was born about 1745. Elizabeth Dysart is thought to be the grand-daughter of one of Samuel Dysart's brothers. [Samuel Dysart is the grandfather of James Dysart, the Long Hunter]. Their third child (second daughter) was Margaret Ann.

    Margaret Ann Carson, born about 1774 in Washington Co., Virginia on February 28, 1793 in Washington County, Virginia married David Craig (married by Rev. Charles Cummings), son of John Craig and Mary Cox. David Craig was born February 26, 1767 in Virginia and died March 27, 1812 in Washington County, Virginia. David's brothers were James Craig (married Anne Montgomery) of Hans Meadow in Montgomery County, Virginia and Robert Craig (never married) of Washington County, Virginia.

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