Person:David Byers (7)

David Byers
m. Abt 1732
  1. William Byers1734 -
  2. David Byers1735 - Bef 1783
Facts and Events
Name David Byers
Gender Male
Birth[1] 25 Feb 1735 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Death? Bef 4 Aug 1783 Rowan County, North Carolina[estate settled]

Estate Records

Rowan County, NC Estate Records 1783
Know all men by these presents that we, Ester Byars and William Rosebrough, are held and firmly bound unto Alexander Martin, Esq., Governor and Commander in Chief of said State and to his successors in office, in the just and full sum of one hundred pounds, these to be paid to the said Alexander Martin, Esq, Governor, or his successor in office, to the which payment well and truly to be made. We bind ourselves, our heirs, Executors and Administrators, jointly and severaly and firmly by these presents. Sealed with our Seals and dated this 4th day of August AD 1783.
The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bound Esther Byars and William Rosebrough, Administrators of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of David Byars, deceased, to make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased, which have or shall cane to the hands or knowledge or possession of the said Esther Byars and William Rosebrough or in the hands or possession of any other person or persons for then and the same to exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the Secretary’s office and one attested copy thereof to the County Court, where orders for Administration passed, within ninety days after the date of these presents.
And the same goods, chattels and credits and all other goods, chattels and credits of the deceased at the time of his death which at anytime hereafter shall cane into the hands of possession of the said Esther Byars and William Rosebrough, or into the hands of any person or persons for then, do well and truly administer according to law and further to make or cause to be made a true and just account of their said Administration within one year after the date of these presents and the rest and reside of the said goods and chattels and credits which shall be found on the said Administration account shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons respectively, the same first examined and allowed by the Governor and Council General Consert or County Court, and shall be due unto pursuant to the true interest and meaning of this act in that case made and provided.
And if it shall appear that any last Will and Testament was made by the said deceased and the Executor or Executors herein named, to exhibit the same into the Court making request to have it allowed of the said above bound Esther Byars and William Rosebrough being there unto required to render the said letters of Administration. Approbation of such testament being first had in said court, then this obligation to be void or else to remain in full force and virtue.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered
(Signed) Esther x Byers [Seal]
in the presence of: mark
William Rosebrough [Seal]
A. Osborn
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    3.2 David Byers
    Was born February 25, 1735 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married Ester Work,
    daughter of Alexander Work, Sr. and Isabell Cox. Their children are unknown to me.
    20 Sep 1764 David Byers and Hugh Berry were witnesses to:
    The Will of Hugh Lawson, Sr. Book A Page 87 Rowan Co., NC. Probated 1772
    Children: Roger, Hugh Jr. and Mary Lawson
    Sons in law: Thomas Irwin, George Ewing, Hugh Berry, and James Henderson.
    Executor: Hugh Lawson, Jr.
    10 Nov 1764
    David Byers, John Armstrong and John McCulloch of Rowan Co., North Carolina
    were witnesses to:
    David Byers (his uncle) of York County, Pennsylvania purchased from John McKnight 340 acres on the headwaters of Turkey Creek in Mecklenburg Co., NC.
    (This land is now in York Co., SC.)
    David Byers was a brother of Robert Byers and Capt. William Byers.
    Deed Book Vol. 2 Page 70-72
    29 Apr 1768
    David Byers received 300 acres in Mecklenburg Co., NC. on the north side of Main
    Broad River and on the east side of Mountain Creek on the Mill Branch joining
    Thomas Johnston and a shoal on the Mill Branch.
    3 Sep 1774
    David Byers deeded to Michael McElwrath land that had been granted to David
    Byers 29 Apr 1768.
    Witnesses: James Byers, Joseph Byers, and Merry McClure.
    Book 2 Pages 124-125. Lincoln Co., NC (The above 300 acres)
    26 Sep 1777
    David Byers, Alexander Poor, and Florence Poor witnessed:
    The Will of Alexander Work, Sr. Book A Page 252 Rowan Co.
    Probated 1777
    Children: John, Alexander, Jr., Rebecca, Jean, Sarah, Ester.
    and Ann. Alexander, Jr. gets plantation
    Executors: Isabell, wife, and Alexander, Jr.