Person:Daniel Sidle (1)

Daniel (John Daniel?) SIDLE
b.9 Mar 1807 ?, Dauphin, PA
m. 10 May 1791
  1. Daniel SEIDEL1791 - 1865
  2. Jacob SEIDEL1792 -
  3. Elizabeth SEIDEL1794 -
  4. Sarah SEIDEL1795 -
  5. Hannah SEIDEL1799 -
  6. Catherine SEIDEL1804 -
  7. Mary SEIDEL1806 -
  8. Daniel (John Daniel?) SIDLE1807 - 1879
  9. Henry SEIDEL1809 - 1892
  10. Susanna SEIDEL1813 -
  11. Rebecca SEIDEL1821 -
  • HDaniel (John Daniel?) SIDLE1807 - 1879
  • WCatherine ZORN1805 - 1895
m. 26 Mar 1828
  1. Emeline M. SIDLES1828 -
  2. Sarah SIDLES1830 -
  3. Julianna SIDLES1833 -
  4. Henry SIDLES1835 - 1910
  5. Charles Zorn SIDLES1837 - 1927
  6. Franklin Aaron SIDLES1841 - 1909
  7. Rebecca SIDLES1844 -
  8. Mary SIDLES1846 -
  9. Daniel James SIDLES1850 - 1909
Facts and Events
Name Daniel (John Daniel?) SIDLE
Gender Male
Birth? 9 Mar 1807 ?, Dauphin, PA
Christening[1] 13 May 1807 Berrysburg, Dauphin, PA
Marriage 26 Mar 1828 Berlin, PAto Catherine ZORN
Occupation? Blacksmith in Somerset County until 1854
Death? 19 Dec 1879 Dakota, Stephenson, IL
Cause of Death? Dropsy of the heart

DANIEL SIDLES OF DUTCH DESCENT WAS BORN IN DAUPHIN COUNTY, PENNSLVANIA IN THE YEAR OF 1908... He was married to Catherine Zorn in 1828. Catharine (Zorn) Sidles, wife of Daniel Sidles, deceased, was born Sept. 5, 1805, in Berlin, Somerset Co., Pa, Her father's name was Charles Zorn, who lived to the age of sixty-five years; He was married to Barbara Wiant, who lived to the age of sixty-eight. Their union was blessed with eleven children, seven of whom survived their parents, Catharine Sidles was confirmed, and united with the German Reformed Church at the age of fourteen, was converted at a camp meeting in Somerset County, Pa., at the age of thirty, and united with the Evangelical Church, of which she remained a faithful member until the year 1875. There being no class of that church in Dakota, Ill., where she then lived, she united with the Methodist Episcopal Church, and has proved a consistent member of that church. She was united in the bonds of matrimony, March 26, 1828, at the age of twenty-two, to Daniel Sidles. They were blessed with nine children, all of whom survived their father, he being the first to break the ties of the family. Daniel Sidles, her husband, was a blacksmith, and worked at his trade in Somerset County until 1854, when they moved to Illinois and settled on a farm of eighty acres two miles southeast of Dakota, where they lived until 1867, when they sold this farm and bought twenty acres adjoining the village of Dakota. They built a comfortable dwelling, and lived there happily together until December, 1879, when her husband was removed by death, to join the angelic host above. "DIED.-At his home in Dakota, Ill., Dec. 19, 1879, Daniel Sidles, aged seventy-two years, nine months and twelve days. He was born in Dauphin County, Pa., but mostly retired in Somerset County. He was married to Catharine Zorn in 1828, with whom he lived happily until his death. They have lived in Stephenson County twenty-five years. Forty years ago he was "born again," and has since shown Jesus' power to keep. He was not able to be down for more than a year, and his sufferings were intense, yet his soul triumphed over pain, and God was 'an ever present help.' He feared the Lord and walked in His ways, and saw his children's children and peace upon Israel.' He was buried Sunday, the 23d. George H. Wells, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, his pastor, preached at his request from the 128th Psalm. He leaves a wife, four sons and five daugthters. the father being the first to break the family ranks. The old settlers and their families turned out largely, and many wept, as memories past find prospects future passed in visions before them. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord." who is well and favorably known as one of the enterprising and prosperous farmers of Palmyra Precinct, operates 320 acres of good land on section 22. He was born in Somerset County, Pa., in October. 1838, and was the fourth of nine children born to Daniel and Catherine (Zorn) Sidles, both of whom were natives of Pennsylvania. By occupation his father was a blacksmith, but became an extensive land-owner in Pennsylvania. In 1850 he removed to Stephenson County, Ill., and continued to work at his trade, and later lived a retired life in Dakota, Stephenson County, where he died in 1879, at the age of seventy years. His wife, the mother of our subject, is still living, and is seventy-four years of age, and is making her home with her daughter, Mrs. Springman, of Palmyra Precinct. The family record gives the names of the children of this family as follows: Emeline M., Henry, Charles Z., Frank A., Sarah, Julia, Rebecca, Mary and Daniel. The education of our subject was limited to two terms, when he attended the usual institution in Stephenson County. He early began to help his father and to work upon the farm, which he continued until he came of age. He then took and operated a farm on shares in Stephenson County. He received the hand of Miss Sarah Lo

  1. St. Johns Lutheran Church