Person:Dallas Cook (2)

Dallas Howard Cook
b.22 FEB 1933
d.July 9, 2005 Audubon Hospital
m. 19 Dec 1912
  1. Gladys T. Cook1914 - 1920
  2. Harold Cook1916 - 1960
  3. Agnes Elaine Cook1918 - 2011
  4. Opal Cook1920 - 1995
  5. Harlan Cook1922 - 1922
  6. Charles E Jr. Cook1923 - 1987
  7. Pauline Cook1926 - 2010
  8. Alma V. Cook1929 - 1930
  9. Vermer H. Cook1931 - 1932
  10. Dallas Howard Cook1933 - 2005
  1. Gary Cook
Facts and Events
Name Dallas Howard Cook
Gender Male
Birth? 22 FEB 1933
Death? July 9, 2005 Audubon HospitalHe had high blood pressure and went to Vets Hospital, but they did not do anything for him. His wife Betty insisted he go to Audubon and be checked out. He had surgery for a blockage, but his kidneys failed and he never came out of the coma he went into.
Other? He owned and operated several barber shops and was very well liked. Also, he lived with us for awhile in California. I was amazed that he allowed me to drive his brand new red Chrysler convertible to Mt. Baldy CA, when I had just learned to drive at 15 1/ Accomplishment
Alt Death? July 9, 2005 Dallas Howard Cook, 72, of Louisville, died Saturday at North Audubon Hospital. Born in Parksville, he was a son of the late Charles and Roxie Powell Cook. He was a barber for 48 years and owner of Bowman-Schnitzelburg Barber Shop in Louisville. He was

RIN: MH:I144