Person:Cyprien Duhon (1)

Duplicate parents - compare
m. 2 Feb 1791
  1. Marie Duhon1799 - 1839
  2. Cyprien Duhon1803 - 1878
  3. Marguerite Duhon1804 - 1870
  4. Dosite Duhon1809 - 1865
  5. Placide Duhon1812 -
Duplicate parents - compare
  • F.  Clairville Duhon (add)
  • M.  Marguerite Ellender (add)
  1. Joseph Duhon1766 - 1840
  2. Perosine Duhon1794 -
  3. Jean Baptiste Duhon1795 -
  4. Cyprien Duhon1803 - 1878
  5. Marguerite Duhon1804 - 1870
m. 14 Feb 1820
  1. Jean Serazin Duhon1820 -
  2. Azalie Duhon1823 - 1885
  3. Camille Joseph Duhon1825 - 1895
  4. Clairville Duhon1827 - 1893
  5. Joseph Villior Duhon1844 - 1912
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Cyprien Duhon
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3][8] 24 Jun 1803 St. Martinville, St. Martin, Louisiana, USA
Marriage 14 Feb 1820 St Martinville, St Martin, Louisiana, USAto Julie Granger
Residence[1][15] 1850 Burton Landing, Calcasieu, Louisiana, USA
Occupation[2][16] 1860 Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana, USAFarmer
Census[3] 1860 Calcasieu, Louisiana, USA
Census[4][17] 1870 Ward, Calcasieu, Louisiana, USA
Alt Death? Hackberry, Cameron, Louisiana, United States
Death? 25 Mar 1878 Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana
Burial? Sallier Cemetery, Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana, USA

Cyprien Duhon, son of Joseph Duhon and Marie Scholastique Hebert, was born on 24 June 1803, in St. Martinville, Louisiana. [8] He married Julie Granger on 14 February 1820, in St. Martin Parish. Cyprien passed away on 25 Mar 1878, and is buried in Sallier Cemetery in Lake Charles, Louisiana.


Cyprien Duhon Settles in Calcasieu Parish

Once married, Cyprien and Julie began a several-week journey by ox cart from St. Martinville to Calcasieu Parish, to settle on land owned by the bride's family. Arriving in Calcasieu Parish, they followed the Calcasieu River to Charlie's Lake, then continued south to what was then called Little Lake. The tract of land where Cyprien built his cabin was surrounded by pine trees, with prairie land further south where he could run his herd of cattle. The site of Cyprien's home is the spot where the clubhouse of the Lake Charles Country Club now stands. S7

Cyprien Duhon, Landowner

During his lifetime, Cyprien acquired a vast amount of land. Land patent records in 1841 showed that Cyprien acquired several sections of land, including nearly all of the east side of Prien Lake from what is now the I-210 Bridge south to Country Club Road, continuing south along Big Lake Road. [7]

On 1 July 1861, President Abraham Lincoln signed a land patent, acknowledging cash payment for 161.2 acres of land in Calcasieu Parish. [13] A land title was signed in 1877 by President Ulysses S. Grant for what appears to be the same 161.2 acres. [13]

The 1860 census listed the value of Cyprien's real estate as $4,000 and the value of personal property as $40,000. [2]

A large number of the Duhon and Granger family still live in the Prien suburb of Lake Charles on land directly inherited from Cyprien.

Source Record
Land Patent under Abraham Lincoln on 1 Jul 1861.

Prien Lake is Named for Cyprien Duhon

Because Cyprien settled on the land adjacent to Little Lake, the lake became known as Cyprien's Lake. The name was later shortened to Prien Lake, using the last two syllables of Cyprien's first name.

Written Accounts of Cyprien Duhon

Thomas Rigmaiden was the first schoolteacher in Calcasieu Parish. He came to the Calcasieu area between 1820 and 1826. Rigmaiden wrote daily in a diary for 29 years, recording events from his family and from the area. [9]

The first written account of Cyprien Duhon is found in Thomas Rigmaiden's diary. In May, 1837, Rigmaiden wrote, "Went with Pierre and Mr. Ryan up to Prien's, understanding they were going to appraise Francois's effects." Then he wrote, "Went to Prien's to the sale of Francois goods." [7] [9]

Obituary in Lake Charles Echo, 1878

Headstone-Cyprien Duhon, Sallier Cemetery, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Headstone-Cyprien Duhon, Sallier Cemetery, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Lake Charles Echo, 1878

Cyprien Duhon died at his residence, in this parish, on Monday, 25th inst., Cyprien Duhon, aged 78 years. The deceased was one of the oldest residents of Calcasieu and was noted for his integrity, politeness and hospitality. Peace to his ashes.

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