Person:Cornelis Willems (1)

Facts and Events
Name Cornelis Willems
Alt Name Cornelis Willems Bonteman
Alt Name Cornelis Willemz Bonteman
Alt Name Cornelis Willemsz op 't Bildt
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1480
Marriage to Maartje Dirksdr.
Marriage to Maritgen Dirks _____
Death? Sint Jacobiparochie, Het Bildt, Friesland, Netherlands

aka Cornelis Willemsz op 't Bildt

Cornelis Willemsz op 't Bildt bought at 1544 from the steward from the Friese Staten a so called Bildrente, a bond which paid interest every year from the yield of the lease which he paid on Het Bildt. In fact he was one of the few "Bildtmeiers"( people from Het Bildt) who was wealthy enough to paid off his lease.

At the year 1549 he carried over his part of ownership from the land of Floris Oom at the Sassemerbeek to the other heirs. This and the absence of Bildtse Cornelis Willemsz. At the Sassemer morgen book ?( property of land)? from 1564 gives the suggestion that he pushed down his ownership in and round Sassenheim ?( Zuid Holland)?.
In 1527 Bildtrekening listed Bartout, Steven and Klaas (Claes) Willemz are brothers of Cornelis Willemsz op 't Bildt. Steven Willems was named after his grandfather who according to a family story was called Steven Huigensz. This story is proven by a 18th century coipa copiae from a document of acquaintance which at 1566 was made by the bailiff of Sasseneheim Cornelis Willemsz.?( Cernelis Willemsz van Heemskerk, not this Cornelis Willemsz but a different person)? and was published by D.D. Osinga at 1949 at the Nederlandse Leeuw. The knowledge of his document was already known by the Bildtse amateur genealogist Ds. Gideon Boekenoogen. At the BIldtsche Courant ?( newspaper)? published at March 7, 1924 with the announcement that the document was authentic declared by the head of the National Archive ?( Den Haag)? mr. Meilink Boekenoogen and Osinga were not the only ones who searched for the decedents of Steven Huigensz. At 1953 published R.S. Roorda a "kwartierstaat" of Waling Dykstra ?( 1821-1914)? At Tresoar, Leeuwarden is the kwartierstaat putted down. In that kwartierstaat Roorda mentioned Steven Huigensz as son of Huig Jacobs ?( listed Sassenheim 1424)? This Huig Jacobs was discovered by Ir. A.F. de Graaff at 1953. It was very attractive to link Willem Stevensz en Stven Huigensz. to this Huig Jacobs because the last one was listed in the tax registers ?( 100ste penning)? from 1424 as so called wellborn man a farmer from uncertain nobility. This connection was linked to the old family story what tells that Steven was a descendent of a young son of Wassenaar and his descendents without any objection may use the crest of Wassenaar ?( Holland Wassenaar)? In red three silver half moons ?( wassenaars)? with a white of siver stripe as burst. Osinga found indeed a crest Wassenaar on a gravestone at St.Annaparochie at the grave of Cornelis Willemsz, died at 1557, son of Willem Cornelisz. ( Bonteman).
This familystory was feed at 1963 by Vleer's De Friese Wassenaars. In this book several lines of the descendents of Willem Stevensz are listed who had taken the name Wassenaar between 1600 and 1813 as one great family. Just these Friesian and some Amsterdam Wassenaars where having the one and only correct family crest, a Bildtse variant from 1606 on the family crest of Bont(eman) from 1557. In his extended introduction of his book, Vleer speculates on the possible relation of the Frisian Wassenaars from the old Hollandse Nobel Wassenaers, through the line van Polanen and the relation with Oranje Nassau ( Dutch Royal Family).

This was the occasion that the Hollandse Wassenaers called Vleer a broodgenealoog ( lit. bread genealogist ) This reproach was partly right. Building on further search at the archives from Osinga , Vleer published a Wassenaar genealogy without any peculiarly about the descendents of the "Heren van Wassenaar" Vleer sold 50 pieces of this to the Frisian Wassenaars.

Later on the family (Friese Wassenaars) collected money for a family book  in with listed the Old Hollandse decedents. Obvious was the temptation  belonging  to one of the oldest Dutch families great for the decedents of the 4 brothers. Vleer had no entrance to the leenarchieven on Twickel ( particular archive castle Twickel nearby Delden).