Person:Conwulf Mercia (1)

Conwulf Mercia
  1. Conwulf Mercia758 - 815
  2. Ecfrith MerciaBef 796 -
  3. Everth Mercia796 -
  • HConwulf Mercia758 - 815
  1. Wiglaf of Mercia780 - 840
Facts and Events
Name Conwulf Mercia
Gender Male
Birth? 758 Tamworth, UK
Marriage to Unknown
Marriage Y
to Aelfthryth _____
Death? 815

Zoon van koning Offa van Mercia. Mogelijk geboren in Tamworth, Staffordshire. Koning van Mercia 796-821. Gehuwd met Aelfthryth. Bron BHO schrijft:

   The monastery of Bredon continued under an abbot of its own for some time, (fn 19) but before 844 it seems to have become in some way subject to the see of Worcester, for Heming gives a charter of that year by which Aelhun Bishop of Worcester gave to the monks of Worcester 12 cassata of land in Bredon, or rather confirmed it, for it appears that the gift was made by Coenwulf, King of Mercia.

Bredon ligt 18 Km ZO van Worcester. Conwulfs voorouders hebben daar gewoond. Alias: Coenwulf, Cenwulf Zoon: Wiglaf van Mercia.