Person:Christopher Osgood (9)

Christopher Osgood
m. 30 Oct 1599
  1. John Osgood1595 - 1651
  2. Mary Osgood1600 -
  3. Robert Osgood1603 -
  4. Peter Osgood1605 -
  5. William Osgood, I1605 - 1698/99
  6. Christopher Osgood1606 - bet 1650
  • HChristopher Osgood1606 - bet 1650
  • WMary Everett - 1633
m. 21 Apr 1632
  1. Mary Osgood1633 - 1675
m. 28 Jul 1633
  1. Abigail Osgood1636 -
  2. Elizabeth Osgoodest 1640 - bef 1673
  3. Deborah Osgoodest 1643 - aft 1711
  4. Captain Christopher Osgood1644 - 1723
  5. Thomas Osgoodbet 1650 and 1651 -
Facts and Events
Name Christopher Osgood
Gender Male
Christening[2] 17 Apr 1606 Newton-Toney, Wiltshire, England
Marriage 21 Apr 1632 Marlborough, Wiltshire, EnglandSt. Mary's
to Mary Everett
Marriage 28 Jul 1633 Marlborough, Wiltshire, EnglandSt. Mary's
to Margery Fowler
Emigration[1][2][3][5] 1634 On the Mary & John.
Residence[1][3] 1634 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Other[3][5][6] 6 May 1635 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesAdmitted Freeman of Massachusetts Bay.
Death[3][5] bet 19 Apr 1650 and 10 Oct 1650 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States (probably)Between date of will and date of probate.
Will[2] 19 Apr 1650 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[3] 10 Oct 1650 Will proved.

Listed in the Ipswich town history as an original settler in 1635.

Estate of Christopher Osgood of Ipswich


April 19 1650:

I, Christopher Osgood of Ipswich, being weake in body but of perfect understanding & memory, do commit my soule into the hands of my redeemer, & concerning that little estate the Lord hath lent mee this is my last will and testament. First, I do give unto my eldest daughter, Mary-Osgood, £10 to be paid her or her assignes at her day of marriage, & to my other three daughters, Abigail, Elizabeth & Deborah £5 to each of them to be paid to them & every one of them at or upon their respective dys of marriage. And to my sonn Christopher-Osgood I do give my house and lands to have & enjoy the same at the age of two and seventie years. Any my will is that my beloved wife Margery Osgood shall be the sole executrix of this my will, and to enjoy the proffitt and benefitt of my Estate during the minority of my children as above said. And lastly I doe request and desire Mr. John Norton and my father Philip Fowler to be overseers that this my will be performed according to the true intent thereof. In witness hereof I have subscribed my hand this ninteenth day of Aprill, 1650. Christopher Osgood [L.S}

I do also desire our respected Major to ajoine with Mr. Norton and my Father.

Witness, Nathaniel Matthew Joseph Rowlandson Daniel Rolfe

Memorandum which was forgotten, my will is that my oldest daughter marry not without the desire of my wife & the consent of my overseers & that my younger daughters marry not without the consent of their mother & the advice of the overseers if it may be had, and that their several portions be paid unto them when they shall attaine the age of twenty yeares if they be not marryed before that age.

Christopher Osgood

Proved by oath of Daniel Rolfe the 10th of the 8th m: 1650 per me, Robert Lord. (Essex co. Probate Records Lib I, folio 234)[4]

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