Person:Chlothar I (2)

Chlothar I _____, King of the Franks
m. 493
  1. Ingomera _____, of the Franks - Bet 493 & 494
  2. Clodomer _____, King of OrleansAbt 495 - 524
  3. Childebert I _____, King of ParisAbt 496 - 558
  4. Chlothar I _____, King of the FranksEst 497 - 561
  5. Clothilda _____, of the FranksAbt 505 - 531
m. Abt 524
m. Abt 538
  1. _____ Theodebert
  2. _____ Merovee
  3. _____ Clovis
  4. Guntramm Franks
  5. Blithilde _____541 - 580
m. Bef 539
  1. Chilperic I _____Abt 539 - 584
  • HChlothar I _____, King of the FranksEst 497 - 561
  • WChunsina _____Abt 513 -
m. Abt 560
  1. Chram _____ - 561
Facts and Events
Name[1] Chlothar I _____, King of the Franks
Alt Name Clothiare I _____
Alt Name Clotaire I _____
Gender Male
Birth? Est 497 Soissons, Aisne, FranceHouse of Merovingian
Marriage Abt 524 [1st wife - she was the widow of Chlodomer]
to Guntheuc _____, Queen of Orléans
Marriage to Ingund _____, Queen of the Franks
Marriage [relationship with, but not married to]
to Waltrade _____, Queen of Austrasia
Marriage Abt 538 to Radegund _____, Queen of the Franks
Marriage Bef 539 to Aregund _____, Queen of the Franks
Marriage Abt 560 to Chunsina _____
Death[1] 23 Nov 561 Compiègne, Oise, Franceage 64 - died of pneumonia
Burial[1] Soissons, Aisne, FranceBasilica of St. Marie
Reference Number? Q28984?
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    Chlothar I (c. 497 – 29 November 561), also called "Clotaire I" and the Old (le Vieux), King of the Franks, was one of the four sons of Clovis I of the Merovingian dynasty.

    Chlothar's father, Clovis I, divided the kingdom between his four sons. In 511, Clothar I inherited two large territories on the Western coast of Francia, separated by the lands of his brother Childebert I's Kingdom of Paris. Chlothar spent most of his life in a campaign to expand his territories at the expense of his relatives and neighbouring realms in all directions.

    His brothers avoided outright war by cooperating with his attacks on neighbouring lands in concert or by invading lands when their rulers died. The spoils were shared between the participating brothers. By the end of his life, Chlothar had managed to reunite Francia by surviving his brothers and seizing their territories after they died. But upon his own death, the Kingdom of the Franks was once again divided between his own four surviving sons. A fifth son had rebelled and was killed, along with his family.

    Chlothar's father, Clovis I, had converted to Nicene Christianity, but Chlothar, like other Merovingians, did not consider that the Christian doctrine of monogamy should be expected of royalty: he had five wives, more from political expediency than for personal motives. Although at the instigation of his queens he gave money for several new ecclesiastical edifices, he was a less than enthusiastic Christian and succeeded in introducing taxes on ecclesiastical property.

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