Person:Charles Younger (4)

Charles Lee Younger
m. abt 1771
  1. Peter Youngerabt 1772 - bef 1841
  2. Elizabeth Lee Younger1773 - 1854
  3. Henry Youngerabt 1775 -
  4. Isaac Youngerabt 1776 -
  5. Charles Lee Younger1783 - 1854
m. 21 Aug 1807
  1. Lucy Sullivan Younger1808 -
  2. Coleman Purcell Younger1809 - 1890
  3. Col. Henry Washington Younger1810 - 1862
  4. Virginia Lee Younger1812 - 1893
  5. Littleton Purcell Younger1815 - 1893
  6. Sidney Ann Younger1817 - 1907
  7. Adeline Lee Youngerabt 1836 - 1925
Facts and Events
Name[1] Charles Lee Younger
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1 Jan 1783 Hampshire County, Virginia
Other? 1800 Garrard County, KentuckyAppears on the reconstructed tax list.
Marriage 21 Aug 1807 Clark County, Indiana(8 children?)
to Sarah Sullivan Purcell
Census[6] 1810 Locan County, Kentucky
Other? 1810 St. Louis County, MissouriAppears on a list of petitions (details not seen), suggesting that he moved from Kentucky to Missouri in late 1810, after the census.
Property[2] 10 May 1824 Warren County, Missouri
Census[3] 1830 Clay County, Missouri
Census[4] 1840 Clay County, Missouri
Census[5] 1850 Blue Twp, Jackson County, Missouri
Will? 28 Oct 1854 St. Clair County, Missouri
Death[1] 12 Nov 1854 Liberty, Clay County, Missouri
Burial[1] Orient Cemetery, Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri

Logan County, Kentucky, 1810 census:[6]

Younger, Charles Lee
under 10 = 1
10-15 = 2
16-25 = 2
26-44 = 1
over 45 = 1
10-15 = 2
16-25 = 2
over 45 = 1
(+ 3 slaves)

Clay County, Missouri, 1830 census:[3]

Younger, Charles Lee
15-19 = 1
40-49 = 1
10-14 = 1
40-49 = 1
[+ 14 slaves]

Clay County, Missouri, 1840 census:[4]

Younger, Charles (agriculture = 15)
40-49 = 1
40-49 = 1
[+ 19 slaves]

Jackson County, Missouri, 1850 census:[5]

Younger, Charles 61 yrs Farmer (real estate = $50,000) b. Kentucky
      Sarah 61 yrs b. Kentucky
      Adeline 14 yrs b. Missouri


FROM: St. Clair County Will Book E, p. 106.



I, Charles Younger of the County of Jackson in the State of Missouri, being of sound mind and memory, in view of the uncertainty of life and wishing to dispose of my property differently from the laws of decents as in all good conscience I feel that I ought to do, do make and publish the following, my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills or parts of wills, which I may have heretofore made.

ITEM 1st. In view of the fact that I have heretofore by deed of gift, conveyed to the six next named persons upwards of Thirty Thousand Dollars worth of Real Estate in common, which is an equal share of my Estate with others hereinafter named whom I am bound by every tie of honor to provide for. I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah S. Younger the sum of one dollar, which with the property given her in said deed of gift is in liew of dower in my estate. I give and bequeath to Henry W. Younger the sum of one dollar. I give and bequeath to Littleton Young­er the sum of one dollar. I give and bequeath to Virginia L. Creek, wife of Jacob Creek the sum of one dollar. I give and bequeath to Elizabeth D. Woods, wife of Thomas Woods the sum of one dollar, and to Lucy S. Burten the like sum of one dollar.

ITEM 2nd. I give and bequeath to Parnelia Wilson of Jackson County, the eighty acre tract of land situated in said County which I bought of Hampton, referencebeing to Hamton’s deed to me. To Have and to Hold the same to her and her heirs forever.

ITEM 3rd. I give and bequeath to Adeline L. Dalton, wife of Lewis Dalton, Jr., the tract of land containing two hundred and ten acres on which said Dalton and wife now live in Cass County near Harrisonville, and one negro girl, slave named Minerva, about twenty-seven years of age which girl slave was hired to Todds at the Noland House. To have and to hold the above land and negro girl unto her the said Adeline and to her heirs after her in tail and not to the said Lewis Dalton, Jr., nor his heirs nor assigns.

ITEM 4th. I will and bequeath that after my death the following slave belonging to me be manumitted and forever set free from slavery or service or bondage to any man, to wit: Elizabeth 22 years, of mulatto color and her two children named Catherine and Simpson. Also Fany, aged between 35 and 40 years, and her two children named Nathan and Washing ton, and that their freedom commence at my death.

ITEM 5th. I give and bequeth to said Elizabeth, Fanny, Catherine, Simpson, Nathan and Washington, named in the 4th Item , jointly, the 300 acre tract of land situated on Little Blue in Jackson County, which I bought in part from John Ross and from Hawkins Estate and in part from the U.S. Land Office, all which land is easily ascertained by reference to the deeds from the last named parties to me and from the Land Office Certificate. To Have and to Hold the same to said last mentioned legatees after their freedom, Forever.

ITEM 6th. I give and bequeath to the children of Wilton Younger, de­ceased to wit: Rebecca, Charles and Catherine Younger, the sum of one dollar each and this I do because I have already given them as much as I intended to do besides this legacy.

ITEM 7th. After the payment of my just debts and the special legacies herein mentioned, I give and bequeath to Sophie S. Wilson, Charles F. Wilson, Mary S. Wilson, Martha L, Wilson, Jefferson Wilson, Bruce Wilson and Sophronia Wilson, who are sometimes called by the name of "Younger" instead of "Wilson" and whom I acknowledge as my children by the said Parmelia Wilson their mother, all the remainder of my Estate both real and personal to be divided equally between said seven children. In this testimony I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal this 26th day of February A.D. 1852.

[signed] Charles Younger (Seal)

At the request of said Charles Younger we hereunto subscribe our names as witnesses to the foregoing Will and Signature.

[signed] I. Brown Hovey [signed] John R. Swearinger

At the request of Charles Younger we hereunto subscribe our names as witnesses to the foregoing Will and Signature in the presence of the said Younger this 28th day of October 1854.

[signed] Theodrick Snuffer [signed] John Bedell



I, Charles Younger, of the County of St. Clair and State of Missouri, being of sound mind and memory, in view of the uncertainty of life, and wishing to make some farther provisions in regard to my temporal after my death, I hereby confirm each and every provision in my will made in Jackson County, Mo., on the 26th day of February 1852 and reattested by Theodrick Snuffer and John Bedill as witnesses at my re­quest on the 28th day of October 1854 ratifying said will in every part­icular not altered in the codicil No. 1, and revoking all other wills and codicils heretofore made by me, save and except the will above de­scribed and this codicil No. 1 to said will. It is my will and desire that the slaves Catherine and Simpson, mentioned in my will, should, after my death, be known by the names of Catherine Younger and Simpson Younger, and in addition to their freedom absolutely at my death it is my will and desire that my Executor hereinafter named, shall, as soon as convenient after my death, take said Catherine and Simpson to a free state and place them in a respectable school where they shall be well clothed and cared for in every respect and their morals particularly guarded until they arrive at the age of twelve years each, and when they respectively arrive at the age of twelve years each it is my will and desire that my executor hereinafter named shall place each of said children, Catherine and Simpson, at an academy or college of high grade where each may receive a thorough classical education, and each be kept at said academy or college or some other institution of similar character until each of them shall have graduated according to the rules of such institution or institutions of learning, and if necessary, to be kept at school until they are each twenty-one years of age, all the expenses of educating said Catherine and Simpson, including board, tuition and incidental expenses and cost of traveling, to be paid out of my estate. It is my will and desire and I hereby give and bequeath to the above named Catherine and Simpson the sum of Three Thousand Dollars to be paid to them in equal parts when they have respectively arrived at the ages of twenty-one years, and in case either of them shall die before he or she shall arrive at the age of years, then, in that event the whole of the said Three Thousand Dollars to be paid to the survivor, and in case both the said Simpson and Catherine should die before either arrives at the age of twenty-one years, then said sum of Three Thousand Dollars to be considered part of my Estate and included and disposed of accord­ing to Item 7th of my will above described and I hereby direct my exec­utor to pay it over accordingly and said persons mentioned in Item 7th of the aforesaid will are hereby confirmed as residuary legatees. In. order that there may be no mistake as to the identity of said Catherine ­and Simpson for whom I have made and wish to make by this codicil, the most liberal provisions, I hereby state that Catherine is about 8 years of age and Simpson about 6 years of age, both of light mulatto colour, both the children of my mulatto womanElizabeth and that said Catherine and Simpson and their mother are now living with me in St. Clair County; Mo., and it is my wish and desire that the provisions of my above des­cribed will as well as this codicil be liberally construed to promote the Freedom, Happiness, Education and Respectability of said Catherine and Simpson. It is my wish and desire that my son Coleman Younger have and I hereby give and bequeath to him one half of the farm in Jackson County, Mo., upon which I formerly resided for a few days but upon this express condition, that he pay to my executor Twenty-five Dollars per acre for the other half of said farm or pays to me during my life the said sum of Twenty-five dollars per acre for one half of said farm, in either event I give and bequeath to said Coleman Younger the other half. The land included in this bequest to Coleman Younger is the Hamilton tract of land and all the Ross Wilkerson tract of land lying East of the State road running from Independence South except a little of the Ham­ilton tract and lying East of the Moultry tract of land and said tracts of land above mentioned bequeathed on the above condition contain be­tween three and four hundred acres. I hereby revoke the bequest made in Item 5th of the above mentioned will which shall hereafter be set aside, revoked and held for nought, and the sane land is hereby includ­ed in the bequest mentioned in Item 7th of my above described will and I hereby give and bequeath to said persons mentioned in Item 7th the land mentioned in Item 5th and who are confirmed as my residuary legatees. I hereby confirm unto all the slaves mentioned in my above des­cribed will, their absolute freedom at my death. I hereby give and bequeath to Fanny and Elizabeth, who are made free by my will, and whos freedom is confirmed to them by this codicil No, 1, the tract of land I own in St. Clair County, Mo., which I purchased of Comstock, containing 40 acres, and also the tract of land noon which I now reside known as the Gilliam Farm, it is hereby given and bequeathed to them jointly, and their heirs and assigns forever. I hereby constitute and appoint Waldo P. Johnson Executor of my Will above mentioned as well as of the codicil No. 1 and enjoin on him the duty of strictly carrying out all the provisions of said will and codicil.

In Testimony Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 11th day of November,1854.

[signed] Charles Younger {LS}

At the request end in the presence of Charles Younger we have hereunto set our hands as witnesses, to the codicil and to his signature.

[signed] L. Lewis, S. A. Bruce, Sam'l. T. Hodges

Filed November 15, 1854 [signed] James W. Beck, Clerk

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