Person:Charles Vance (8)

Facts and Events
Name Charles Vance
Gender Male
Birth? 1885 Chiltern, Victoria, Australia
Death? Abt 1946 Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Burial? Abt 1946 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ancestral File Number 160L-Z8K

!SOURCES: BD&M, Victoria, Australia: Birth Reg.No. 08773.

  1.   Hi,
    I'm collating the English, Scottish, Irish, American and other overseas Vances in the hope of finally sorting out the connection between them and my family of Vans of Barnbarroch.
    My aim is to collect every (!) recorded Vance family and try to piece together the entire picture, using all the available sources and taking into account the genetic data.

    I'd really appreciate any information you have about 'your' or any Vances (a gedcom would be ideal as it saves re-typing) and particularly any ideas, legends, or better still, knowledge, about their origins.

    Having all the available information may help in eventually finding some of the earlier generations in Ireland and Scotland, particularly if we can find some male Vances; if we can persuade any male descendants from your line to get a DNA test, we shall at least know which branch of the Vances yours is.

    Best wishes,