Person:Charles Smith (33)

Charles Richard Smith
b.18 Nov 1871 Hillsdale County, MI
d.15 Jul 1941 Wayland, MI
m. 11 Nov 1867
  1. Ellen Matilda "Ella" Smith1868 - 1941
  2. Margaret Alvira "Vida" Smith1869 - 1941
  3. Charles Richard Smith1871 - 1941
  4. Walter Augustus Smith1875 - 1932
  5. Elmer Loren Smith1876 -
  6. James A Smith1880 - 1883
  7. Carrie Belle Smith1882 - 1956
  8. William L Smith1884 -
m. 28 Oct 1894
Facts and Events
Name Charles Richard Smith
Gender Male
Birth? 18 Nov 1871 Hillsdale County, MI
Alt Birth? Nov 1871
Marriage 28 Oct 1894 Barry County, MIto Carrie KINGSBURY
Reference Number Carrie KINGSBURY
Reference Number Etta Lena Kurtz
Death? 15 Jul 1941 Wayland, MI
Burial? 18 Jul 1941 West Cooper Cemetery, Cooper Township, MI
Reference Number? 2769

Brother of Walter A Smith, Etta's first husband Marshall Funeral Home, Martin & Plainwell, Michigan 1917 Rural Directory of Barry County in Irving Twp., Rte 3, Hastings, with 2 children, 4 horses, 80 cows. Charley is buried in West Cooper Cemetary, Kalamazoo County, MI

In 1900, Charles & Carrie, lived in Hope Townshp with their daughter, Alta, age 2 and born June 1897 in Michigan.

1920 Census, Carrie's father, William Kingsbury, resided with Charlie and Carrie in Barry County.

Bailey, Miss Julia Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Freda ne Smith, daughter of Walter Augustus Smith & Etta Lena Kurtz) Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. William (Cecile Audrey ne Smith, daughter of Walter Augustus Smith & Etta Lena Kurtz. Cooke, Mr. Alfred, resided at R2, Mattawan, Michigan (pall bearer) Cooke, William (son of Mr. & Mrs. William Cooke ?) Cooke, William E. Houvener, Belle Houvener, Mr. John L. Hull, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kidder, Mr. Henry Kidder, Mr. Willard, resided at R2 Hastings, Michigan Kidder, Mrs. Alta Kingsbury, Mr. Harold Mudget, Mrs. Gladys (ne Smith, wife of LaRue Mudget) Mudget, Mr. LaRue, husband of Glady's. They resided at R2, Wayland, Michigan Pensmore, G.L. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Burrel Phillips, Susie Smith, Frances (daughter of David Irwin Smith) Smith, Madelyn Smith, Miss Dorothy (daughter of Walter Augustus Smith and Etta Lena Kurtz) Smith, Mr. and Mrs. David I (son of Walter Augustus Smith and Etta Lena Kurtz) resided at 1901 N. Rose St, Kalamazoo (pall bearer) Smith, Mr. and Mrs. F.B. (Frank B. Smith, son of David R. Smith and Mary Alensa ne Thompson) Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Snyder, Mrs. Edith VanHout, Velma (ne Smith) daughter of Walter Augustus Smith & Etta Lena Kurtz) VanHout, William (husband of Velma) resided at R1, Martin, Michigan Wurm, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar

Sent Flowers Family Mr. Frank Smith & Family Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Marshall Mrs. Ella Terpenning Mr. & Mrs. William Smith Mr. & Mrs. David Smith & Family Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kidder Mr. & Mrs. John Houvenor Mrs. Maude Lankard Mrs. Alvira Phillips Mr & Mrs. Burrell Phillips & Family Mr & Mrs. Jay Snyder & Family Miss Susie Phillips Ma & Family Friends Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Calkins & Family Mr. Warren Price Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gates Mr & Mrs. J.W. DeYoung Mr. and Mrs. John Lotz Mr. & Mrs. Nick Krulac Mr & Mrs. Fran Chase The Doll House Girls Ella Bertha Irene Dorothy Ruby May Vera Mrs. Hazel Lusk Mrs. Glenna Cook Mrs. Helen Farrell & Family