Person:Catherine Segars (1)

Catherine Segars
m. Abt 1759
  1. Catherine Segars1760 -
  2. Jeremiah Seger1763 - Bef 1808
  3. Francis Segar1765 - Bef 1808
  4. Joseph Seger1767 -
  5. Reuben Segars1769 - Bef 1803
  6. Mary Ann Segarsabt 1773 - bef 1847
  7. Anne Segars1779 - 1849
  • H.  George Ray (add)
  • WCatherine Segars1760 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Catherine Segars
Gender Female
Birth[2] 20 Dec 1760 Cecil, Maryland, United States
Census[5] 1790 Cecil, Maryland, United States
Census[4] 1810 Cecil, Maryland, United States
Property[3] 10 Feb 1817 Cecil, Maryland, United Stateswith husband, sold property inherited from brother Francis
Census[6] 1830 Cecil, Maryland, United States
  1. An act for the relief of the heirs of Francis Segar (the elder) and others, in Laws of Maryland. Archives of Maryland Online, Vol. 594, pp. 248-253, 1842, Secondary quality.

    Chapter 291
    Francis Segar the elder died seized of about 153 acres situate partly in Newcastle county in the State of Delaware, and partly in Cecil county in the State of Maryland, died intestate and without issue, having to survive him a widow, Mary who afterwards intermarried with a certain Pennington
    and also having as his heirs at law one brother Reuben Segar and three sisters, Catherine, Mary and Anne Segar
    and the said Reuben Segar afterwards died intestate, having to survive him three children Reuben, Francis, and Mary, who afterwards intermarried with a certain John McWharter
    and the said sister Mary intermarried with a certain David Short now deceased
    and the said sister Catherine intermarried with a certain Ray
    and the said sister Anne intermarried with James Lake and is now living
    and that his brother and sisters each inherited a one-quarter share in Francis Segar's (the elder) estate
    And that the heirs of Reuben Segar (Reuben, Francis, Mary and John McWharter), and Mary Segars Short in her widowhood, sold their undivided shares to Davidson D. Pearce
    And that Catherine Ray and her husband sold their undivided share to William Bouldin, who afterwards died intestate leaving as his heirs four children, Richard, George, Rachel and Eliza, each inheriting one-sixteenth undivided share of Francis Segar's (the elder) estate
    And that George Bouldin sold his undivided share to John L. Clayton, and the other three children of William Bouldin sold one undivided share to Reuben Lake and two undivided shares to Jesse Lake
    And that Anne and James Lake retain the right to their undivided share
    The whole being subject to the right of dower of Mary Pennington, the widow of Francis Segar, the elder
    And he said tract of land cannot be divided without detriment to the parties entitle, and that a special enactment is necessary to meet the exigencies of the case

  2. St Mary Anne's Parish (North Elk Parish), in Peden, Henry C. (Henry Clint). Early Anglican church records of Cecil County. (Westminster, Maryland: Family Line Publications, 1990), p. 73, Secondary quality.

    Catherine Seger, dau of Joseph and Mary b 20 Dec 1760
    Jeremiah Seger son of same b 20 Feb 1763
    Francis Seger, son of same b. 31 Mar 1765
    Joseph Seger son of same b 23 Aug 1767
    Ruben Seger son of same b 22 Oct 1769

  3. Cecil County, in Maryland, United States. Maryland Land Records, JS 13 & 38, p. 15-17, Primary quality.

    Indenture 10 Feb 1817
    between George Ray and Catherine his wife of Cecil County, Maryland
    and William Boulden of same place
    who paid $300
    for one undivided fourth share of part of "The Three Bohemia Sisters" heretofore sold by Samuel Glenn to Francis Segars on 10 Mar 1802, which said land Francis Segars died possessed thereof intestate and without issue, whereby the same descended to his heirs at law, of whom the said Catherine Ray is one
    Signed George x his mark Wray, Catherine x her mark Wray
    Witnesses Robert John, JP, William Hewitt JP

  4. Cecil, Maryland, in Cecil, Maryland, United States. 1810 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Primary quality.

    Geo Ray, 1 male under 10, 1 male 45 and over [George], 1 female under 10, 1 female 26-45, 1 female 45 and over [Catherine]

  5. West Nottingham, Cecil, Maryland, in Cecil, Maryland, United States. 1790 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Primary quality.

    Ray, George, 1 male unter 16, 1 male 16 and over, 2 females

  6. District 4, Cecil, Maryland, in Cecil, Maryland, United States. 1830 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Primary quality.

    George Ray, 1 male under 5, 1 male 10-14, 1 male 30-39, 1 male 70-79, 1 female 60-69