Person:Catherine Rogers (12)

Facts and Events
Name Catherine Rogers
Gender Female
Birth? 1692 Laggan Valley, Manor Cunningham Lagan Valley, County, Donegal
Marriage abt. 1710 Laggan Valley, County Donegal, Irelandto Michael Daugherty, Sr.
Death? 1763 Rockbridge, Augusta County, Virginia
Burial? 1763 Unk. Cemetery, Rockbridge, Augusta Co., VA?


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4. Catherine Rodgers was born in Lagan Valley, and married a Michael Mor Dougherty-I c1712 in County Donegal. Catherine and Michael are known to have at least three son's: William Dougherty, Michael Mor Dougherty-II, and Charles Dougherty. The Dougherty family left the port of Derry in mid 1727 and sailed for America along with several other Irish families, incluing some of their inlaws; the Cauldwells whom history will address later. The immigrants landed at New Castle County, Delaware on 10 December, 1727 and immediately moved to Chestnut Level, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

   The family remained at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for the most part, until January 25, 1737/1738 when they moved to Augusta County, and Botetourt Counties, Virginia where they had been granted land by the government (see Bordens Great Grant for particulars on land given to families willing to extend the frontiers).   In Augusta County, Virginia and the surrounding areas life was very unstable because of the attacks by the Indians and one of Catherine and Michael Mor Dougherty-I son's, Charles, was killed by the Indians on 17 July, 1763.  Charles was killed by the Shawnee Indian Chief Cornstalk and his braves while they were on a raid against the white settlers.  Charles's entire family would have been killed except they were at church when the Indians attacked, guess it helps to go to church now and again.  This fact that Charles Dougherty's wife Rebecca nee Cunningham Dougherty and family survived the Cornstalk raid is proved by Rebecca nee Cunningham Dougherty and one of her son's;   James Dougherty being named as co-administrators of Charles's estate on 20 September, 1763 with her neighbors Edward Rutledge and Henry Campbell on her bond.  
   Details of the above information can be located on the internet under the Descendants of Hiram Daugherty's Irish Immigrant Ancestors, Michael Mor Daugherty & wife Catherine Rodgers and also in the Book THE DOUGHERTY OF KENTUCKY BY WILLIAM C. STEWART, Part II, MARY PATTON:  A THEORY, pages 251 & 252.  After the death of Catherine's husband Michael Mor Dougherty-I in 1763 the family started to break up.  Reference:  Thomas L. Preston, Historical Sketches, page 119 where it states:  "The family began to break up after that, some remaining for a time on the James River farms, others moving South and West into the wilderness.  Michael's son Michael (II) was at the Reed Creek settlement in what is now Wythe County, Virginia, in 1763, with the Bedford County militia to help James Davies and two or three other families menaced by the Indian raids if that terrible year."
   Catherine is believed to have died and is buried in Rockbridge, Augusta County, Virginia (date of death is unknown).  But based on family tradition she is probably buried beside her husband Michael Mor Dougherty-I?  

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