Person:Catherine Blinstone (1)

Catherine Blinstone
b.Abt 1700
d.Bet 4 Aug 1784 and Sep 1794 Leesburg, Loudoun, Virginia, United States
  • H_____ DorrellAbt 1716 -
  • WCatherine BlinstoneAbt 1700 - Bet 1784 & 1794
m. Bef 1750
  1. Sarah Jane DarrellBet 1730 & 1750 - 1793
  2. Thomas Darrell
  3. John Dorrell
  1. William Blinstone McCabe
  • HJohn Thomas, Jr.1698 - Bet 1791 & 1793
  • WCatherine BlinstoneAbt 1700 - Bet 1784 & 1794
m. Abt 1769
Facts and Events
Name Catherine Blinstone
Alt Name Catherine Blinston
Alt Name Catherine Blunston
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1700
Marriage Bef 1750 to _____ Dorrell
Marriage Abt 1769 to John Thomas, Jr.
Death? Bet 4 Aug 1784 and Sep 1794 Leesburg, Loudoun, Virginia, United States
  1.   Thomas Balch Library – Loudoun County, Virginia.

    King, J. Estelle Stewart. Abstracts of Wills, Inventories and Administration, 1757-1800. pages 42, and 44.

    Will of John Thomas, 15 Sept. 1791 - 9 December 1793 - Wife: Catherine Thomas. Her children listed as Legatees were Thomas Blinstone, Sarah Semple, William Blinstone (called William McCabe). Others were listed as children of John Thomas. The suggestion would be that Catherine and John did not have children from their marriage, but from earlier marriages. His children were: Leonard Taylor Thomas, Martha Jackson, Mary Hole, Joseph Thomas, to the last three, a shilling each. Exrs: wife and son Leonard T. Thomas. Wit: Charles Binnis & Simon Binnis

    Will of Catherine Thomas, 4 August 1784-September Court, 1794 - Children: Thomas Darrell, John Darrell, William Blinstone (called McCabe), and Sally Sample; and granddaughters: Susannah and Catherine Sample

  2.   Catherine Blinston's father or grandfather John Blinston/Blunston witnessed a deed of land to William Penn. John Blunston who was a Quaker and personal friend of Lord Penn stepped into to help, he was the Sheriff and thus had legal standing and along with his son Samuel Blunston who was also sheriff for Cumberland County issued these licenses to those people living on the land. These "Blunston's licenses" were in effect promissory documents acknowledging that the said person or persons were living on the specific piece of land and had first rights to buy it. These licenses are in the archives at Harrisburg. Before the Indian title to the lands west of the Susquehanna had been extinguished, the Government authorized Samuel Blunston, of Lancaster County, PA to issue to the settlers licenses allowing them to go and improve the land, a title to which should be granted as soon as the
    land office should be opened. These documents were known as "Blunston's licenses," and many of the earlier settlers held them previous to 1736.

    Source: The Blunston License Book - Contains the names of the earliest settlers in the Cumberland Valley , York, and Adams counties. Also contains earliest recorded place names in the territory west of the Susquehanna River.
  3.   Samuel Blunston, a Quaker who was born in Upper Hallam Township in the County of York, England, became an agent for the Penn family. It was through his influence that the area west of the Susquehanna River was named Hellam. Blunston granted permits for land to settlers who located west of the Susquehanna. During the first 30 years, the name was written as "Hallam". As the Germans became predominant in this area, the Township began using the German spelling of "Hellam" while the Borough selected the English spelling "Hallam." Prior to 1908 Hallam Borough was a part of Hellam Township.