Person:Carol Jeanne Damon (1)

m. 4 Jan 1930
  1. Carol Jeanne Damon1931 - 2009
Facts and Events
Name Carol Jeanne Damon
Gender Female
Birth? 23 Dec 1931 Lakewood, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
Death? 17 Jan 2009 North Port, Sarasota, Florida, United States

Carol Jeanne Damon was born in Lakewood, Ohio on December 23, 1931. She was the first child born to Carl Hayden Damon and Marion Carol Painter.

They lived in the bottom of a rented duplex in Lakewood until they moved to Murphy Street in Berea, Ohio. Though also rented, it was the first house she lived in and was thrilled to have a home. In her sophomore year they moved to Austin Street in Berea. It was her parent's first owned home, and the family had grown to 4 with the birth of her sister in 1940.

Growing up in Berea she attended Central Grade School then Berea High School, graduating in 1949. During her high school years she worked at the tomato packing plant in Berea. Upon graduation she went to work for The Ohio Bell Telephone Co. in Cleveland, Ohio as a Service Representative.

While working at the tomato packing plant she met Walter C. Brooks of Olmstead Falls, Ohio. They went together about 5 years before marrying and were wed in Berea, Ohio at the Congregational Church on December 19, 1953.

During their marriage they were blessed with 5 children and after spending many years in Berea, Walter's work with Brown & Williamson Tobacco took them to new homes in Fort Wayne, IN and then Jefferson City, MO. In 1979 they decided a change of lifestyle was in order and moved to Siesta Key, Florida where they managed a motel. Carol later went to work for Doctor's Hospital in Sarasota, FL. She and Walter were married 41 years before his death in 1993. Carol retired about 1997 and moved to North Port, FL. She truly enjoyed being in North Port as it was also home to 3 of her children. She enjoyed her retirement to the fullest with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


   January 30, 2009 -- There are no words to describe how much I miss you. I miss our talks and your great sense of humor. You always supported me and you were a blessing to our family. I Love You Mom. -- Kim Guzzo (North Port, FL)
  	January 29, 2009 --   I cannot pick a time where there is one great memory with my grandma because to me they were all great. When i was good or bad she was always there with a smile on her face to let me know she still loved me know matter what. She had the love and kindness that i have never known in any other person. I feel that she will always be in my heart even if i happen to forget in times to lead me in the right direction. I miss her so much and my deepest regret is that I didnt keep in touch as much as I should have. She left me before I could again tell her I love her, but now I know that she hears me every nigth when I tell her. -- Nicole Brooks (Hayes, VA)
  	January 28, 2009 -- Aunt Carol was always so kind to me. She had a great sense of humor and never judged me for my short comings. I love her and will miss her very much. -- Scott Homes (El Dorado Hills, CA)
  	January 28, 2009 -- My mother loved us so well and in a way that attracted you to her. Sacrificial giver, excellent listener, great sense of humor and could keep the conversation rolling. She always made you feel loved, appreciated and comfortable. She will be greatly missed, never forgotten, yet with courage to carry on the legacy she left to each one of us. Her memory will be honored in the way we live, laugh and love. My least favorite childhood memory will be when she insisted, as my frustrations grew to a point of being downright mad, I continue to clean the giant sliding glass door with a cleaner I kept telling her was not working. Come to find out she had handed me the oven cleaner instead of the window cleaner. She thought that was much funnier than I did.     My favorite memories involve being around her with family, seeing her interact and knowing how happy that made her. I am also glad she was able to see my first ever performance with Guitar Hero this past Thanksgiving and if you were not there, it is too bad because some things cannot (and maybe should not) be repeated. It becomes a special memory because once again being around her created much laughter.     Mom, thank you so much for everything. I greatly appreciate that you lived well, laughed well and loved well, so much more than words can express. You did the whole 'Mom gig" very well.     I love you Mom! -- Ken Brooks (Nashville, TN)
  January 28, 2009 -- If I could have placed an order for a sister, I couldn't have gotten better. My order was filled with so many extras. If I touch my heart, I know you're there with me and my love will be with you through eternity. I miss you so very much. -- Linda Fox (Flint, TX)
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