Person:Carl Sass (1)

Carl John Ferdinand Sass
m. 25 Nov 1854
  1. Wilhelmine Amalie Alwine Sass1858 -
  2. Carl John Ferdinand Sass1861 - 1943
  3. Bertha Henriette Emilie Sass1866 - 1932
  • HCarl John Ferdinand Sass1861 - 1943
  • WBertha Groth1862 - 1905
m. 16 Nov 1888
  1. Friederich Sass1889 - 1890
  2. Alma Louise Sass1890 - 1970
  3. Antonia Augusta Sass1893 - 1994
  4. Metwig "Meta" Sass1894 - 1926
  5. Minnie Kathrina Marie Sass1896 - 1986
  6. Hetwig "Hattie" M. Sass1898 - 1978
  7. William Herman Ferdinand Sass1901 - 1978
  8. Berthold G. Sass1903 - 1990
  9. Baby Sass1905 - 1906
  • HCarl John Ferdinand Sass1861 - 1943
  • WAugusta Kohn1888 - 1957
m. 15 Oct 1914
  1. Ewald H. Sass1915 - 1968
  2. Paul F. Sass1917 - 1996
  3. Edith Sass1920 - 1922
  4. Henry Ernest Sass1922 - 2012
  5. Ruth Sass1924 - 2010
  6. Harold Alvin Sass1926 - 1980
  7. Inez Hazel Sass1934 - 1938
Facts and Events
Name Carl John Ferdinand Sass
Gender Male
Birth[1] 31 Dec 1861 Kösternitz, Pommern, Preußen, GermanyNeu Koesternitz, Kries Schlawe
Emigration? May 1888 Emigrated from Bremen, Germany, ship Ems, entered NY port
Marriage 16 Nov 1888 Emmanuel Lutheran, Inver Grove, Dakota Co., Minnesotato Bertha Groth
Other? Oct 1892 Settled in Turtle Lake Township, Barron Co.Comment 2
Marriage 15 Oct 1914 Barron County, Wisconsin, United Statesto Augusta Kohn
Residence? Dakota Cty, MN/Barron Cty, WI
Death[1] 16 Jun 1943 Vance Creek, Barron, Wisconsin, United States
Burial? Silver Creek Cemetery (Mount Hope), Turtle Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin, United States

Left Germany due to fight with army superior according to Gramps (PaulZ.) He also spoke the Pomerin dialect.

Wedding to Bertha Groth at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Inver GroveHeights, MN. Witnesses to wedding F. Schwanz and Gustav Bartz.

Full name may be Carl Johan Ferdinand Sass. According to Naturalization papers (Barron County - Declaration of Intent Oct. 24, 1940): Carl Sass was 5' 6" and weighed 170 pounds at the age of 79. He had blue eyes. He was born in " Kasleen", Pommern, Germany. I believe this "Kasleen"refers to Koeslin which is the present-day city/province of Koszalin inPoland. (bordered by the Baltic Sea).

Also, according to the naturalization records, Carl Sass's last foreign residence was "Lika, Germany" I do not know where Lika is located. He left Germany through the port of Bremen and arrived in New York, NewYork in May 1888 on the ship "Emps"

Carl & Bertha were living in Inver Grove, Dakota County from approx. 1889 thru 1892

They had two children who died as infants:

Frederich, the first-born child, who died 1 Aug 1890 in Inver Grove,Dakota County, Minnesota.

"Baby" Sass, a daughter, died on 26 May 1906 (due to pneumonia) in DakotaCounty. This baby daughter was born in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, on 16 Sept 1905. The next day, Bertha Groth Sass died due to complications from childbirth. It is possible that Carl Sass sent the baby to some relatives in Dakota County after his wife died. The fact that their baby was living in Dakota Co., while Carl was still in Turtle Lake seems to indicate that the other Sass or Groth families in Dakota county may be related to Carl & Bertha.

There were some other Sass and Groth families in Dakota County.

Fred Sass IS Carl's father! Gramps remembers visiting Carl Sass' sister,Bertha Kautz in St. Paul - the Kautz family lived at 1222 W. 7th St. (And the amazing thing is that my grandfather Paul could still remember thise xact address in 1997, 60+ years later! I checked out the address in the city directory and it was correct! Gramps had the most amazing memory, even up until his death at age 91).

Fred Sass b. 6 Feb 1830 Germany d. 13 March 1902 Mendota, Minn. (widower at time of death) father : John Sass mother : unknown informant: Bertha Kautz of Mendota

Another couple, Ferdinand & Carolina ( Krumerir?) Sass lived in Eagan.

Ferdinand Sass b. 4 Dec 1816 Germany d. 18 Dec 1905 Eagan, Minn. (no parents listed) Carolina Sass b. 31 Jan 1828 Germany d. 30 May 1901 Eagan, Minn. (parents: John Krumerir and Maria Pich)

NOTE: Inver Grove, Mendota, and Eagan are all close to each other in the Northwest corner of Dakota County.

===2017 update===

I finally was able to find the Sass family in Neu Kösternitz in Kreis Schlawe. Today the village is called Kościernica.,_Koszalin_County

Link to Koszalin archives with available church books:

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