Person:Brewster Higley (2)

Brewster Higley, Jr.
b.12 Dec 1709
d.21 MAR 1794
m. 17 Feb 1708/1709
  1. Brewster Higley, Jr.1709 - 1794
  2. David Higley1712 -
  3. Joseph Higley1715 -
  4. Hannah Higley1717 -
  5. Hester Higley1719 -
  6. John Higley1721/2 -
  7. Elizabeth Higley1723 -
  8. Naomi Higley1728 -
m. 13 MAR 1734
  1. Lt. Joel Higley1739 - 1820
  • HBrewster Higley, Jr.1709 - 1794
  • W.  Mindwell Buell (add)
m. 1755
Facts and Events
Name[1] Brewster Higley, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 12 Dec 1709
Alt Birth? 12 DEC 1709 Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut
Marriage 13 MAR 1734 Simsbury, , Connecticutto Esther Holcombe
Marriage 1755 to Mindwell Buell (add)
Death? 21 MAR 1794

BIOGRAPHY: Brewster Higley, 2d, was the eldest son of Brewster Higley, 1st, and the grandson of Captain John Higley. He was born December 12, 1709, in the old homestead at Simsbury, Conn. When twenty-five years old he married Esther Holcombe, daughter of John Holcombe and his wife Anne (Daughter of John Pettibone). The date of this marriage, as recorded in the Simsbury Record Book, was March 13, 1734. His father bought for him some land from his (Brewster, 1st's,) half-brother Nathaniel, and on this land the old colonial house here illustrated was built, where he took his bride. In this house all his children were born,, and the family dwelt here until after the death of his father, Brewster, 1st, in 1760.

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