Person:Betsey Wardwell (1)

Betsey W. Wardwell
m. 23 AUG 1792
  1. Polly P. Wardwell1793 - AFT 1860
  2. Samuel Wardwell1795 - 1857
  3. William Wardwell1798 - 1875
  4. Betsey W. Wardwell1801 - 1827
  5. Hannah Wardwell1803 - 1881
Facts and Events
Name Betsey W. Wardwell
Gender Female
Birth[1] 7 FEB 1801 Otisfield, Cumberland, ME
Death[2] 10 JAN 1827 Otisfield, Cumberland, ME
Burial? Pine Grove Cemetery, Oxford, ME

Died Unmarried

MEMOIR OF BETSEY W. WARDWELL Died, in Otisfield, (Me.,) January 10, 1827, Betsey W. Wardwell, aged 26. The subject of this memoir was early favoured with religious instructions, which were not in vain. At the age of fifteen she earnestly sought the Lord, and found, to the great joy of her troubled soul, the truth of that Scripture which saith, "Seek," &c. She soon united with the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which she after was a member, till death called her to the church triumphant. About one year after her conversion, she was brought very near the gates of death; but without fear or dread; for the sting of death was taken away. Consumption threatened every day her destruction; yet she was lent a little longer to this world. After her recovery, a year or more, her religious zeal measurably abated. It was not long, however, before she returned to her former engagedness, with deep contution. From this time her walk was uniform; her seat in the house of God was filled; her voice was heard in exhortation, and in solemn earnest prayer for Zion's prosperity and for the mourning penitent. In her the poor found a friend, the feeble an assistant, the sorrowful a comforter, the inquirer a guide, the able Christian a companion, and the church a pillar, - parents a dutiful child, brothers and sisters an affectionate associate, to whom she will yet speak, though dead. -Christian Advocate 17 February 1827

  1. Early Settlers of Otisfield, Maine.
  2. Gravestone.