Person:Benjamin Fleet (2)

Benjamin Fleet
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Fleet
Gender Male
Birth? 1846
Death? 1864
  1.   Benny was only 17 when he was killed by union forces in March of 1864. He was scouting on horseback for the local defense force when he ran into Union soldiers (Part of the infamous "Dalgren Raid") He turned and galloped away. He was shot in the back and fell off the horse into the woods. His father, Dr. Benjamin Fleet, became alarmed when his horse came home in the early, rainy morning without him. As soon as possible, Dr. Fleet organized a search (using Benny's own favorite hunting dog) to find him. After about an hour or so, they found him. He had bled to death during the night/morning after he was shot. The family home, "Green Mount" stayed in the family through Benny's younger brother, James William Fleet and his decedents until the 1980's