Person:Benjamin Brewster (3)

m. 10 Apr 1624
  1. William Brewster1624/25 -
  2. Mary Brewster1627 - Aft 1697/98
  3. Jonathan Brewster1629 -
  4. Ruth Brewster1631 - 1677
  5. Benjamin Brewster1633 - 1710
  6. Elizabeth Brewster1637 -
  7. Grace Brewster1639 - 1684
  8. Hannah Brewster1641 - 1687/88
  • HBenjamin Brewster1633 - 1710
  • WAnn Addis1627/28 - 1708
m. 28 Feb 1659/60
  1. Mary Brewster1660 -
  2. Ann Brewster1662 -
  3. Jonathan Brewster1664 -
  4. Daniel Brewster1666/67 -
  5. William Brewster1668/69 - 1728
  6. Ruth Brewster1671 - 1734
  7. Benjamin Brewster, Jr.1673 - 1755
  8. Elizabeth Brewster1676 -
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Brewster
Gender Male
Birth? 17 Nov 1633 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 28 Feb 1659/60 Norwich, New London, Connecticut, United Statesto Ann Addis
Death? 14 Sep 1710 Norwich, New London, Connecticut, United States

APPENDIX PART II page 304 BREWSTER, Benjamin, Norwich, son of 1st Jonathan in the text, m., 1659, Ann Dart, and had Mary, 1660; Ann, 1662; Jonathan, 1664; Daniel, 1667; William, 1669; Ruth, 1671; Benjamin, 1673; and Elizabeth. BENJAMIN, 3d in the text, d. Sarah, m. Hazen Nelson and Willis Fish; and son Washington, m. Rebecca Oxton. BENJAMIN, 4th in the text, was son of Cyrus below, and not of William. CHARLES, 1st in the text, son Martin, m. Emily M. Benson. CIRUS, son of 10th William in the text, m. a Tappan, and had Benjamin and others. DANIEL, of Preston, Conn., son of Benjamin and Ann (Dart) Brewster above, m. 1686, Hannah Gayer, and had Daniel, 1687, m. Elizabeth Freeman; Hannah, 1690; Mary, 1692; John, 1695; Jerusha, 1697; Ruth, 1700; Bethiah, 1702; Jonathan, 1705. ELISHA, Kingston, 1st in the text, the last three names in the list of children should be one name, "Earnest Wrestling Elisha." ELLIS, in the text, had two other children, William and Ellis. ICHABOD, in the text, m., 1735, not 1725; his son Ichabod was born 1753. IRA, 1st in the text, m. 1796. IRA, 2d in the text; the d. Lovina should be Lorina; and wife of son Edward B. should be Lucy A. Watts. JOHN, 1st in the text, was son of lst, not 2d, Wrestling, and the name of wife was Cotta. JONATHAN, [p.304] 1st in the text, was born in Scrooby, August 12, 1593, and m., April 10, 1624, Lucretia Oldam, or, Oldham. He had William, 1625; Mary, 1627, m. John Turner; Jonathan, 1629; Ruth, 1631, m. John Pickett; Benjamin, 1633; Elizabeth, 1637; Grace, 1639. JONATHAN, Connecticut, son of Daniel above, m., 1725, Mary Parrish, and had Lucrista, 1727; Ruth, 1730; Ephraim, 1731; Jonathan, 1734; Mary, 1735; Lydia, 1739. JONATHAN, Duxbury, 2d in the text, moved to Windham, Conn., about 1728, had son Jonathan and others. JONATHAN, son of 2d Jonathan in the text, born 1737, m. 1706, Eunice Kingsley, and had Orson, 1707; Eunice, 1770; Ohel, 1771; Oramel, 1773; Joana, 1775; Lydia, 1779; Jonathan, 1781. JOSEPH, Belmont, Me. in the text; son Ira m. a Mariner; and d. Eunice m. a Dunnell. JOSHUA, 1st in the text; his d. Betsey E. m. Robert Hutchinson; d. Priscilla W. m. also a Tucker; and son William N. should be William M. JOSHUA, 2d in the text; d. Sarah, m. Joseph, not Joshua, Wright. JOSHUA, 3d in the text, d. Ruth born 1803, not 1810. JOSHUA, 4th in the text, son Joshua T., m. Marcia, not Maria IHunt. LEMUEL, Kingston, in the text, d. Rebecca, m. Maltiah Cobb. MOSES, son of Jonathan and Zipporah (Smith) Brewster, of Connecticut, m. Lucy Watts, and had Aurelia, 1794; Osmyn, 1797; Horace, 1796; Betsey, 1800; Martha, 1802; Ezra S., 1804; Moses, 1805; Lucy, 1809. NATHAN C., Duxbury, in the text, m. 1821. ORSON, son of 2d Jonathan, in the text, of Middletown, Vt., m. Zeruiah Loomis, and had Dorinda, 1795, m. 1815, and moved to Fairhaven, Vt., and to Bennington; Ohel, Harvey, Henry, Fitch and Fay. OSMYN, Boston, son of Moses above, m., 1824, Mary Soper Jones, and had Mary J., 1824; Martim A., 1825; Charles O., 1827; Sarah C., 1830; George T., 1832; Lucy W., 1834; Harriet, 1836; Emily, 1839; Kate, 1842. WILLIAM, 1st in the text (the whole rewritten), came in the Mayflower with wife Mary and two sons, Love and Wrestling; his d. Fear, who m. Isaac Allerton, and d. Patience, who m. Thomas Prence, came in the Ann, 1623; son Jonathan came in the Fortune, 1621. WILLIAM 2d in the text, had also a d. Mercy, who m. Edward Arnold. WILLIAM, 6th in the text, moved to Connecticut, son Daniel, born 1746; Nathaniel, 1748; Stephen, 1750. WILLIAM, 7th in the text, son Isaac, m. a Smith; son John M., m. a Gardner. WILLIAM, N., 8th in the text, should be William M., and the husband of d. Catherine should be Porter C. Read, not Peter. WILLIAM, son of 1st Jonathan in the text, m., 1651, Mary Peame, of London. WRESTLING, 1st in the text, d. Mary, m. Ephraim Holmes; and d. Elizabeth, m. Ephraim Bradford; and d. Hannah, m. Benjamin Alden. ZADOCK, in the text; d. Sarah m. a Herrick. The discovery of what is called the Brewster Book adds to the confusion already existing concerning the date of the death of Elder Brewster. The entry there made by his son Jonathan makes it April 10, 1644. Bradford says he died, as has been usually quoted, about April 18, 1643, but the photographic copy of Bradford suggests that April 16th has been miscalled April 18th. The church records say April 16, 1644, and this must be considered the true date.

American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI) Record

Name: Benjamin BREWSTER Birth Date: 1633 Birthplace: Massachusetts Volume: 18 Page Number: 235 Reference: Some Colon. Fams:32 Gen. Column of the " Boston Transcript". 1906-1941.( The greatest single source of material for gen. Data for the N.E. area and for the period 1600-1800. Completely indexed in the Index.): 21 Mar 1927, 5332; 28 Jul 1930, 2389

Name: Benjamin BREWSTER Birth Date: 163? Birthplace: Massachusetts Volume: 18 Page Number: 235 Reference: Gen. Column of the " Boston Transcript". 1906-1941.( The greatest single source of material for gen. Data for the N.E. area and for the period 1600-1800. Completely indexed in the Index.): 8 Jun 1927, 5332

  1.   Jones, Emma C. Brewster. The Brewster genealogy, 1566-1907: a record of the descendants of William Brewster of the "Mayflower," ruling elder of the Pilgrim church which founded Plymouth colony in 1620. (New York, NY: Grafton Press, 1908), 1:36.

    Benjamin Brewster (Jonathan 2, William 1), married “Ann Darte the last Daye of febeare: 1659-1660” (Brewster Book and Norwich, Conn., T. Rec.), who “may have been the widow of Ambrose Dart of Boston who married ' Anne Adis daughter of William Addis of Cape Ann 24th 4th month,' 1653.” “Ann Brewster Departed this life the wife of Benjamin Brewster may the :9 : 1709.” The above Named Benjamin Brewster Died in Norwich ye 14th of Sept: 1710 & was Buried on Brewster Plain.”

    “Benjamin Brewster settled upon the homestead of his father at Brewster's Neck, which he acquired from his father and brother-in-law, John Picket. This farm was originally in the town of New London, but by the alteration of boundaries and the formation of new towns was afterwards successively included in the towns of Norwich, Preston, Groton and Ledyard. He was a man of prominence, serving as deputy to the General Court of the Colony of Connecticut, 1668, '89, '90, '92 - '97, lieutenant of the New London Troop, 1673, and captain of the military company of Norwich, 1693.

  2.   The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society), liii. 283-4.

    “The Brewster Book . . . undoubtedly had been in his custody from the death of his father to his own decease . . . and his son Daniel, . . . it is supposed, succeeded him as custodian of the Book.”

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