Person:Benjamin Borden (4)

m. 28 Sep 1625
  1. Francis Borden1628 - 1705
  2. Mary Borden1631 - 1690
  3. Matthew Borden1638 - 1708
  4. John Borden1640 - 1716
  5. Joseph Borden1642/3 -
  6. Sarah Borden1644 -
  7. Samuel Borden1645 -
  8. Benjamin Borden1649 - 1728
  9. Amie Borden1653 - 1683/84
  10. Thomas Borden - 1676
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Borden
Gender Male
Birth[1] 16 May 1649 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Marriage 22 SEP 1670 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, USAto Abigail Grover
Alt Marriage 22 Sep 1670 Shrewsbury, Manmouth, New Jerseyto Abigail Grover
Death? c1728 Burlington, New Jersey, United States
Benjamin Borden of New Jersey


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Benjamin Borden (1)
Benjamin Borden (4)
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Family History

Benjamin was the youngest son, and 11th of 12 children born to Richard Borden and Joane Fowle. Richard had been involved in land purchases in New Jersey, known as the Monmouth Plantation, about 1665. Three of his sons (Francis, Samuel, and Benjamin) received land in the Monmouth plantation as their patrimony. Benjamin settled in Shrewsbury, where, on 22 September 1670 he married Abigail Grover (1653-1720). Abigail was the the fifth of seven children of James Grover and Rebecca Cheeseman. The later couple were among the original purchasers of the Monmouth Plantation. They had originally settled at Gravesend, Long Island, as part of the Lady Deborah Moody's community in the New Netherlands. Benjamin and Abigail lived for many years at Middletown, but in 1713 moved to Evesham, Burlington County, New Jersey. During the course of their married life Abigail bore ten children. Abigail died in Evesham on 8 January, 1720. Following her death Benjamin married Susannah Page, sometime in the 1720's. There were no children from this marriage. Benjamin died about 1728.

"A. Middletown Twshp, Monmouth County, NJ;  B. Shrewsbury, Monmouth Cunty, NJ, C. Freehold Township, Monmouth County, NJ; D. Evesham, Burlington Co, NJ"
"A. Middletown Twshp, Monmouth County, NJ; B. Shrewsbury, Monmouth Cunty, NJ, C. Freehold Township, Monmouth County, NJ; D. Evesham, Burlington Co, NJ"


1647---Born, Portsmouth, Rhode Island
1665---moved to Monmouth Plantation, settling at Shrewsbury
1670---married Abigail Grover
1670-1713---lived in Middletown, Monmouth
1713---Moved to Evesham, Burlington Co, NJ
1720---Abigail dies
c1725---Benjamin remarries to Susannah Page (?)
1728---Death of Benjamin

Civic Life

Like his father, he owned a substantial amount of land, and was elected to several public offices. The first court of Monmouth County, New Jersey, was held in his house in Shrewsbury in 1676. He became justice of the peace in 1685, and in 1692 and 1694 was elected to the General Assembly from Middletown. Her served as road commissioner from 1693 to 1711. In 1695 and 1698 he was elected as one of the six members to the General Assembly from Monmouth County, and represented Monmouth County in the House of Representatives, from 1708 to 1709.


Richard BordenJan. 9, 1672-July 9, 1744|1751Apr. 7, 1695, Mary Worthley (questionable)
Benjamin Borden Apr. 6, 1675-1743 Susannah Relocated to Virginia, where he established "Borden's Grant" now more or less Rockbridge County. Stillwell, 1903 has his DOD as 1728, and his wife's name as "Susannah", but his wife is generally accepted that he died about 1743, and his wife was "Zuriah Winter". its possible, that there's a missing generation here, and that The Benjamin who married Zuriah, is the son of the Benjamin who married Susannah.
James Borden Sept. 6, 1677-December, 1727Mary . lived in Freehold, N. J.
Rebecca Borden June 8, 1680
Safety Borden Sept. 6, 1682-November, 1757|1761 Martha, in Bordentown, N. J.;He is supposed to have married his first cousin, a daughter of Capt. Safety Grover , whose name is unknown.
Amey Borden Mar. 4, 1684married 1) William Maghee, 2) Daniel Herbert, 3) James Mott
Joseph Borden May 12, 1687-Sept. 22, 1765Susannah Grover, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Lawrence) Groverfounded Bordentown, NJ.
Jonathan Borden Apr. 14, 1690
David Borden Mar. 8, 1692
Samuel Borden Apr. 8, 1696
All Children by Abigail Grover.
"pipes" show alternative DOB's and DOD's
Primary source:Stillwell, 1903; Some unsourced data from the net; None of these Vita have been verified or validated.

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History of Monmouth County, New Jersy, 1664-1920 By Lewis Historical Publishing Co Published 1922 Lewis historical publishing company, inc.

p419 Between the years 1688 and 1695 a strip of land reaching nearly across the county was taken by men from Middletown, and was known as the "Middletown Men's Lots." It reached from the fifteen hundred acres of Peter Sonmans along the northwest side of Burlington path to the Pines and was divided as follows: In equal divisions of 480 acres to Joseph Throckmorton, James Bowne, James Ashton, Philip Smith ; also 300 acres to John Stout, 270 acres to Job Throckmorton, and 240 acres to Benjamin Borden.

Index to History of Monmouth County, New Jersey, text not available

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From Stillwell, 1903:Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Vol. 3

  • 1690, May 3. Benjamin Borden , of Middletown , yeoman, and Abigail , his wife, sold to William Winter , of the same place, cordwainer, lands, left to the said Abigail , by her father, James Grover , in his will dated Dec. 1, 1685.Stillwell, 1903

  • In 1716, he was of Eversham, Burlington County , when he deeded land to his son, Joseph , of Freehold .Stillwell, 1903
  • 1718. He was of Auchweas, Burlington County , when he deeded his son, James , land. Stillwell, 1903

1714, Mch. 7. The surviving Commissioners, viz.: John Reid , Obadiah Bowne , Elisha Lawrence , John Hepburn , John Woolley , appointed by Act of the General Assembly, for laying out of highways, in the County of Monmouth , "do appoint Capt. Richd Stout and Stoffel Longstreet in place of Benjamin Borden , who is removed out of the sd county above a year, and Capt. John Lawrence deceased above a year."

3 4 In 1672, George Mount 's name was coupled together with Benjamin Borden in the purchase of lands from the Indians at Middletown , and again, in 1676, the same individuals, George Mount and Benjamin Borden , received patents for lands adjacent to each other in Cohansey, West Jersey . This intimate association raised a hope in the minds of some that the maiden name of the wife, or the mother of George Mount , was perhaps Borden , but a study of the wills of Matthew Borden , of Hedcorn, England , and his two emigrating sons, Richard and John , eliminates any such conclusion, and we are forced to decide that the intimate relations of Mount and Borden were based upon friendship and not kinship. Further it might be well here to eliminate another suggestion, that George Mount married a sister of Abigail Grover , wife of Benjamin Borden , but this, too, falls to the ground when an analysis of the known Grover history is made.

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    BORDEN, Benjamin, of Richard and Joan, Portsmouth, May 1649.