Person:Benjamin Boone (1)

Benjamin Boone
b.16 Jul 1706 Devon, England
m. 16 Aug 1689
  1. George Boone, IV1690 - 1753
  2. Sarah Boone1691/92 - bef 1738
  3. Mary Boone - 1696
  4. Mary Boone1696 - bef 1699
  5. Squire Boone, Sr.1696 - 1765
  6. Mary Boone1699 - 1774
  7. John Boone1701/02 - 1785
  8. Joseph Boone, Sr.1704 - 1776
  9. Benjamin Boone1706 - 1762
  10. Margaret Boone1707 - 1708
  11. James Boone1709 - 1785
  12. Samuel Booneabt 1711 - 1745
  • HBenjamin Boone1706 - 1762
  • WAnn Farmerbef 1718 - bef 1736
m. 31 Oct 1726
  1. John Boone, Sr.1727 - 1803
m. abt 1736
  1. Mary Boone1739 -
  2. Benjamin Boone1741 - 1824
  3. James Boone1742/43 -
  4. Samuel Boone1746 - 1811
  5. Dinah Boone1749 -
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Boone
Gender Male
Birth[1] 16 Jul 1706 Devon, England
Marriage 31 Oct 1726 Philadelphia County, PennsylvaniaAbington MM - [1st wife]
to Ann Farmer
Property[6] 12/13 May 1733 Manatawny (now Amity Township), Berks County, Pennsylvaniapurchased 200ac from Andrew and Anne Lycon
Residence[6] 12/13 May 1733 Oley (township), Berks, Pennsylvania, United Statessaid to be "of Oley Township" in Deed for 200ac
Religion[5] bef 27 Feb 1736 Quaker - Gwynedd MM
Marriage abt 1736 Pennsylvaniato Susannah Lycon
Will[2][7] 5 Jan 1762 Berks County, Pennsylvania
Death[1] 17 Oct 1762 Exeter, Berks, Pennsylvania, United Statesage 56 -
Religion[2] Abington (township), Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United StatesQuaker - Abington MM
Probate[2][7] 27 Oct 1762 Berks County, Pennsylvania

Research Notes

  • There are 2 Will Abstracts included for reference and review - they are similar, but different. More research needed.
  1. 1.0 1.1 Family Recorded, in Boone, James (1744-1795). Old James Boone Genealogy. (held by Historical Society of Wisconsin: unpublished handwritten manuscript, 1788), Secondary quality.

    " Benjamin Boone (Son of George and Mary Boone) was born the 16th of July 1706
    and he died on the 14th of October, 1762, in the 57th Year of his Age. Susanna Boone (his
    Widow) died on the 5th of November, 1784, in the 76th Year of her Age."

  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Will Abstract of Benjamin Boone, Secondary quality.


    The 1762 Will of Benjamin Boone, {Sr.} of Exeter Twp., Berks Co., PA
    Benjamin referred to:
    - a wife [given & bequeathed to], Susannah;
    - 3 sons [given & bequeathed to; appointed executors]: Benjamin, Samuel [the youngest] & James;
    - a son ["Also I give to"], John [the eldest] {small bequeath; perh. Susannah's stepson? perh. non-Quaker?}
    - a daughter [not yet age 15--bequeathed to], Dinah;
    - a Negroeman [freed & allotted two acres on said son Samuel's land], Dick.
    Made: 5 Jan 1762 - Proved: ?
    Witnesses: Thomas & Sarah WAREN

  3.   Family Notes, Secondary quality.


    Benjamin Boone, seventh child of George III and Mary Maugridge Boone, was born in Devonshire, England, on July 16, 1706. He died in Exeter Township of Berks County, Pennsylvania, during the year 1762. Benjamin was eleven years old when his father brought the family to settle with the Quakers in America. Benjamin's marriage to Ann Farmer occurred some time between August 3, 1726 and September 28, of the same year. On the former date, record was made of their intention of marriage; on the latter, report was made that the marriage had been performed. Ann was born in 1701. How long she lived after their marriage is not known; but it is though that her only child, John Boone, was born in 1727. It is also thought that Benjamin Boone went outside the Quaker fold when he married his second wife Susannah, surname not known - and that the marriage took place early in 1737, for on February 27, of that year, Benjamin was in disfavor with the Society of Friends.

    Benjamin Boone's five children by his second wife were baptized August 6, 1753, at St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, Morlottan, Berks County, Pennsylvania. By this time John Boone, Benjamin's son by his first wife Ann Farmer Boone, was already married and in North Carolina with his uncle Squire Boone. On January 5, 1762, Benjamin Boone made his will which was proved in Berks County Court on October 27, 1762. The bulk of his estate went to his widow Susannah Boone and to his children by this second marriage; but the will contained one provision which is of great genealogical significance to some of his descendants: "Also I give to my eldest son, John Boone, the sum of five shillings." Without the inclusion of this nominal bequest, the documentation of the relationship between John Boone and his father might have been difficult indeed.

    Children of Benjamin Boone and Susannah are:

    :Mary born 11 Nov 1739, Berks County, Pennsylvania.
    :Benjamin born 13 Aug 1741, Berks County, PA. Mrd Eve Lofter 1 Oct 1771. Died 25 Sept 1824.
    :James born 24 Mar 1743, Berks County, PA.
    :Samuel born 11 Oct 1746, Berks County, PA. Died 3 Aug 1811. Mrd Elinor Hughes.
    :Dinah born 8 May 1749 Berks County, PA.

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    “When and where Benjamin married the second
    wife Susanna (surname unknown) has not been learned. It is probable that he married the
    second time out of the Quaker fold, possibly about 1736. At this time he was in disfavor
    at Gwynedd Meeting.” The minutes give this item: “February 27, 1736, Benjamin Boone
    has not been spoken to since last Meeting”

  6. 6.0 6.1 Deed Recorded, in Berks County, Pennsylvania Deed Book, 1:68-69, Secondary quality.

    [ we refer to a May 12-13, 1733 land transaction when Andrew Lycon and his wife Anne sold 200 acres at Manatawny, Pennsylvania, to Benjamin Boone of Oley Township, Pennsylvania (Berks County Deeds Book 1, pp. 68-69)]

  7. 7.0 7.1 Will Abstract of Benjamin Boone, in Berks County Will Abstracts 1761-1765 [1].

    BOONE, BENJAMIN, Exeter.
    January 5, 1762. October 27, 1762.
    Provides for wife Susanna.
    To son Benjamin, that part of my tract of land in Exeter called "the old place."
    To youngest son Samuel, the remainder of tract called "the new place." The whole to be equally divided.
    To son James, all my tract of land in Amity.
    To 3 sons all moveable estate.
    To Dinah £100 at 15.
    To eldest son John 5 shillings.
    Exrs: Benjamin, James and Saml.
    Letters to Jas. and Saml. and Benjamin being now in N. Carolina.
    Wit: Thos. WAREN and Sarah WAREN.