Person:Baben Benthall (1)

  1. Joseph BENTHALLAbt 1746 - Aft 1790
  2. Daniel BENTHALL1747 - 1797
  3. William BENTHALL1749 - Aft 1798
  4. Laban or Laben BENTHALLAbt 1750 - 1802
  5. Mary BENTHALLAbt 1754 -
  6. Clara BENTHALLAbt 1755 -
  7. Tabitha BENTHALL1757 - Aft 1798
  8. Rhoda BENTHALL1761 - 1836
  9. Baben BENTHALL1762 - Aft 1830
  • HBaben BENTHALL1762 - Aft 1830
m. Abt 1795
  1. Winborne BENTHALL1796 - 1849
  2. Susannah BENTHALL1798 - 1828
  3. Mary BENTHALLAbt 1800 -
  4. Jesse Benthall, Sr.Abt 1802 - Abt 1882
Facts and Events
Gender Male
Birth? 1762 Menola, Northampton Co, North Carolina
Marriage Abt 1795 Northampton or Hertford Co., NCto Unknown
Death[1] Aft 1830 Rutherford or Madison Co., TN

Baben is listed in his fathers will to receive the following:"I give and bequeath unto my son Babel Benthall his first choiceof all my horses together with two feather beds & furniture. Hisfirst choice of one half of my hoggs, two chests and all my ironpotts & kettles, also all my pewter, six chairs, one new flaxwheel, all my plantation utensils & one desk, also all my toolsof every sort, to him and his heirs forever." Two Lines later: "I give and bequeth unto my son Baben Benthall,three negros to wit Venus,Isaac & Jacob with their increase to him and his heirsforever".

Again a few lines later: "I give.......unto Baben Benthall oneBlack walnut Buffet, one walnut safe, and one small gun and mysword"

Again a few line later: "It is also my desire that the remainedof my estate, not already given away, be divided equally betweenmy sons Laben and Baben Benthall to them and their heirsforever....."

He appoints his son Baben Benthall and Winborne Jenkins asExecutor to the estate.

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