Person:Azubah Price (1)

Azubah Price
d.aft 21 Jan 1829
m. bef 1762
  1. Sarah Ann Price1762 - 1844
  2. Hannah Price1763 -
  3. Elizabeth Price1764 - 1838
  4. Esther Price1766 - 1793
  5. Zachariah Price1768 -
  6. Azubah Price1770 - aft 1829
  7. Francis Price1772 - 1785
  • H.  Nathan Goble (add)
  • WAzubah Price1770 - aft 1829
m. 7 Jun 1792
Facts and Events
Name Azubah Price
Gender Female
Birth[3] 15 May 1770 Sussex, New Jersey, United States
Marriage 7 Jun 1792 Sussex, New Jersey, United Statesto Nathan Goble (add)
Property[4][6] 1804 Sussex, New Jersey, United StatesFrancis Will left land to her sons
Death? aft 21 Jan 1829

Azubah Price was born 15 May 1770. She married, Nathan Goble, 7 June 1792[1] by her father, Francis Price[1]. Nathan Goble was born 31 Oct 1766 son of Matthias Goble and Rachel Roy. They removed from Sussex County to Upper Smithfield, Pike County,Pennsylvania where Nathan died on 1 Sept 1829. Azubah died after 21 Jan 1829 when a mortgage dated 17 June 1820 was satisfied on that date by Nathan and Azubah[4].

Azubah Goble is mentioned in her father, Francis' will with a son Francis Goble. In the estate of Francis Price, a division of land is given for four heirs, Sarah Hamilton, Azubah Goble, Elizabeth Bowman, and Ester Gustin's sons[4][6].

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