Person:Artie Jones (1)

Artie (Arty) JONES
b.15 Sep 1872 Alabama
Facts and Events
Name Artie (Arty) JONES
Gender Female
Birth? 15 Sep 1872 Alabama
Marriage to Leondus [Lee] NIX
Death? 18 Jan 1931 DeKalb County, Alabama
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Recently, I noticed your listing of Leondus (Lee) Nix, b. abt 1874, Blount Co., Ala., on Rootsweb�s World Connect. I think I may have some information to help you on this person. �If he is the same man, Lee Nix died Apr. 1937, DeKalb Co., Ala. He md. Artie (Arty) Jones, and she died Jan 1931, DeKalb Co., Ala. Three of their daughters, Bessie, Ella and Camie Odessa, married Roden men. Ella and Odessa�s husbands were brothers and Beulah was a first cousin to them. �I have more on these three daughters if it of any interest. All three have living children.

1930 United States Federal Census record for: Lee Nix � Lee Nix �Age: � 58�years� �Estimated birth year: � 1871 �Birthplace: � Alabama �Relation: � Head �Race: � White �Home in 1930: � Lathamville, De Kalb, Alabama �Occupation: � View image �Education: � View image �Military service: � View image �Rent/home value: � View image �Age of first marriage: � View image �Parents' birthplace: � View image �Owned a radio?: � View image

Search�>�Census�>�U.S. Census� >�1930 U.S. Federal Census >�Alabama >�DeKalb >�Lathamville >�District�25 , image 1 of 32, Residence 103, family 105

Nix, Lee, Head, M, W, 58, M, 21, Al, Al, Al, Farmer,

     , Artie, Wife, 57, M, 20, Al, Al, Al, 
     , Ruben, son, M, wW, 19, S, Al, Al, Al,  Faarmer, 
     , NIX, grandson, M, W, 18, S, Al, Al, Al, Farmer, 
If you obtain additional information on this family please let me know. I am particularly interested in Lee Nix� s wife Artie / Arty Jones. I suspect she may be the same as Susan A. Jones, b. abt 1877, in western Etowah Co., close to the Blount Co .line, the dau of William Robert Jones and Nancy  Catherine  Hill. Nancy Hill is related to my wife on the Scott line.  NOTE: At this time I have no information on his wife, but I am continuing to research this family and if I fine anything I will let you know.

"Les Waltman" <>

line 100, Residence 173, familt 178 NIX, Lee, Head, M, W, 37, M1, 15, Al , Al, Al, farmer, nest page line #1

       , Artic, Wife, F, W, 37, M(1), 15, 6,6, Al, laborer, home farm
       , Thomas, son, M, W, 19?, S, Al, labor, home farm
       , T***ools, son, M, W, 18, S, Al, laborer home famm
       , B*lab, daughter, F, W, 8, S, Al, 
       , Ellis, daughter, F, W, 6, S, Al, 
       , Odessie, daughter, F, W, 2, S, 
        , Oliver, Son, M, W, 2, S, Al, 

She stated 6 born 6 living in 1910, I have only 5 born and living at that time so I am missing one. I hav two born after 1910 for a total of 8 children. Also I am not sure that I can read all of thenames well enough to line them with what I have.

Lee Nix found in: Census Microfilm Records: Alabama, 1910 Age:��37 ���� Gender:��M ���� Race:��W ���� Birthplace:��AL ���� State:��Alabama ���� County:��DEKALB ���� Locale:��LATHAMVILLE ���� Series:��T624 ���� Roll:��12 ���� Part:��1 ���� Page:��103B ����

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Data Introduction 

U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > Alabama > De Kalb > Lathamville > District 75, image 9 of 58, continued on image 10 of 58, Line 48, 86/86, Nix, Lee E, Head, W, M, Apr 1893, 27, AL, AL,AL, Farmer

    , Artie, Wife, W, F, Sept 1873, 26, AL, AL,AL, 
    , George, Son, W, M, May 1894, 6, S, AL, AL,AL, (orge is clear, first two letters assumed to be Ge)

Image 10 of 58, 85/86, line 51, Nix, John F. Son, W, M, Jan 1896, 4, AL, AL,AL,

1900 United States Federal Census Record about John F Nix Name: John F Nix Home in 1900: Lathamville, De Kalb, Alabama Age: 4 Estimated birth year: abt 1896 Birthplace: Alabama Race: White Relationship to head-of-house: Son Occupation: View Image Image source: Year: 1900;�Census Place: Lathamville, De Kalb, Alabama;�Roll: T623 14;�Page: 5B;�Enumeration District: 75.