Person:Arthur Hathaway (15)

Arthur Hathaway
d.Aft 1655
Facts and Events
Name Arthur Hathaway
Gender Male
Marriage Bef 1630 ENGLANDto Unknown
Death? Aft 1655

Elizabeth Starr Versailles compiled and edited, sponsored by the Hathaway Family Association, the book "Hathaways of America", 1970 Edition, printed by Gazette Printing Company, Northampton, Mass. This book discusses the potential English ancestry of Arthur Hathaway in England and the American descendants of Arthur Hathaway, the immigrant to Plymouth Colony. The biography of Arthur Hathaway was also summarized by Carl Boyer 3rd in his book "Ancestral Lines, Third Edition," published by the author in Santa Clarita, California in 1998. This book refers to the Versailles works.

Arthur Hathaway was probably of English ancestry, but his parents are not known. Family tradition that Arthur Hathaway came from the Welsh counties of Great Britain may be true. There are also significant populations of Hathaways in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire in the early 17th century.

When Arthur Hathaway came to New England with his son Arthur is not known. The first record of him is an Arthur Hathaway able to bear arms in Marshfield in Plymouth Colony in 1643. An Arthur Hathaway attended a town meeting in Plymouth in 1646.

In 1651, he or his son owned lot number 26 in Punck-a-teest, now Tiverton, Rhode Island.

He was last on record in Plymouth on 28 February 1655, according to records which do not distinguish between him and his son, Arthur.

His wife's name has not been found.