Person:Archibald Farquharson (1)

Archibald Farquharson, Esq. 7th of Finzean
d.10 Feb 1796 Finzean, Scotland
m. abt 1740
  1. Elizabeth Farquharsonabt 1740 - aft 1817
  2. Archibald Farquharson, Esq. 7th of Finzeanabt 1740 - 1796
  • HArchibald Farquharson, Esq. 7th of Finzeanabt 1740 - 1796
  • WChristian Spring1768 - 1849
m. 27 Feb 1792
  1. Archibald Farquharson, Esq. 8th of Finzean1793 - 1841
Facts and Events
Name Archibald Farquharson, Esq. 7th of Finzean
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1740 Campbeltown, Scotland
Marriage 27 Feb 1792 Finzean, Scotlandto Christian Spring
Death? 10 Feb 1796 Finzean, Scotland

Archibald Farquharson was born about 1740 in Campbeltown in the southwest of Scotland, son of Francis Farquharson and an unknown mother. (Francis has two marriages with several children each recorded in parish registers, but there are also at least two other children not recorded, including Archibald, and probably a third marriage which came before the other two.) He followed his father into the buss fishery business, and was a prosperous merchant in Campbeltown, owning a small estate south of the town.

In 1787, when he was nearly 50, he inherited the large Finzean estate in Aberdeenshire from his father, who had himself only inherited it less than a year prior when the former laird (his cousin) died without direct heirs. Archibald moved to Finzean, where he found a young girl to marry, and had a son. He died in 1796, leaving behind a 27-year-old widow and a 2-1/2 year-old son.