Person:Aquila Chase (2)

m. Bef 1645
  1. Sarah ChaseEst 1645 - Bef 1726
  2. Anne ChaseAbt 1647 - 1691
  3. Priscilla Chase1648/49 - Aft 1697
  4. Mary Chase1650/51 - Aft 1724
  5. Sergeant Aquila Chase1652 - 1720
  6. Thomas Chase1654 - 1732/33
  7. John Chase1655 - 1739/40
  8. Elizabeth Chase1657 -
  9. Ruth Chase1659 - 1676
  10. Daniel Chase1661 - 1707
  11. Ensign Moses Chase1663 - 1743
  • HSergeant Aquila Chase1652 - 1720
  • WEsther Bond1655 - Aft 1722/23
m. Abt 1673
  1. Esther Chase1674 -
  2. Joseph Chase1677 - 1763
  3. Anne Chase1679 -
  4. Priscilla Chase1681 - 1750
  5. Hannah ChaseBef 1689 -
  6. Abigail ChaseBef 1692 - Bef 1722/23
  7. Rebecca ChaseAbt 1695 - 1763
  8. Benjamin ChaseBef 1697 - Bef 1718/19
  9. Jemima ChaseBef 1703 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Sergeant Aquila Chase
Alt Name Aquilla Chase
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 26 Sep 1652 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Abt 1673 to Esther Bond
Death[3] 29 Jul 1720 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

"SERGT. AQUILA2 CHASE (Aquila1) was born in Newbury (now Newburyport), 26 Sept. 1652; died there 29 July 1720, in the 68th year of his age. He married about 1673, ESTHER BOND, daughter of John and Esther (Blakeley) Bond of Newbury, Rowley and Haverhill. She was born in Newbury, 25 Sept. 1655 and survived her husband.

He was a husbandman and inherited his father's homestead on North Atkinson street in what is now Newburyport. He was chosen a fence viewer at the upper end of Newbury 18 Mar. 1683/4. (Currier's History of Newbury, 1902, p. 116). Aquila Chase, aged 26, was among those who took the oath of allegiance at Newbury 1678. (Ibid. 181).

… He was one of the soldiers under the command of Capt. Thomas Noyes at a training in 1688. He was sergeant of the company and was one of the men who went to Amesbury (Ibid. 1659, 660). He made a will but neglected to sign it and his estate was divided by agreement of his heirs, 16 Jan. 1722/3. Daniel Merrill and his wife Esther had ten acres at the northwest end. Joseph3 Chase, the only surviving son, had seven acres and the buildings which he sold to Daniel Merrill, excepting his mother Esther Chase's dower, 18 Mar. 1722/3 (Essex Co. Deeds, 49:87).

Esther Chase widow, and Joseph3 Chase son of Aquila2 Chase of Newbury dec'd, were appointed administrators of the estate of Aquila2 Chase of Newbury dec'd, 5 Sept. 1720. Sureties Joseph Bond and John Rogers. Account rendered Feb. 1721/2 mentions paid Joseph Chase, £13-01-04; to Thomas Chase, constable, £2; to Mary Freize [Freese], widow, 2/3. etc.

Inventory of Aquila2 Chase, late of Newbury, who deceased 29 July 1720 … total £685.

Heirs Joseph, Anne, Hannah, Esther, Priscilla, Jemima, Rebecca and Abigail. Joseph3 Chase, Daniel Merrill, Peter Ordway, Robert Savory, Esther Merrill, Jemima Ordway, Rebecca Savory, Esther Chase as guardian for Elizabeth Robinson son and sons-in-law and Daughters of Aquila2 Chase, late of Newbury, dec'd, who dyed intestate have made this a full and final settlement of ye estate of our father (and also of ye estate of our brother Benjamin3 Chase, late of Newbury dec'd, who died intestate) among ourselves. Joseph3 Chase to have for himself and for his sisters Ann Foulsham, Priscilla Hills and Hannah Hoit. … Daniel Merrill ... Esther his wife, Peter Ordway ... Jemima his wife. … Robert Savory ... Rebecca his wife". Jemima and Elizabeth Robinson to have 10 ¼ acres of pasture in fourth pasture by their guardians. Confirmed 16 Jan. 1722/23."[1][Generation numbers in the original.]

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