Person:Anson Smith (1)

Anson Ransom Smith
m. Abt 1807
  1. Charlotte Smith1808 - 1892
  2. David Lewis Smith1809 - 1898
  3. Unknown Daughter SmithBet 1810 & 1820 -
  4. Anson Ransom Smith1811 - 1893
  5. Richard Sperry Smith1819 - 1897
m. 1854
  1. Marshall N SMITH1855 -
  2. Hannah SMITH1867 - 1867
  1. Melvin R SMITH1846 - 1913
  2. Mary Alice Smith1847 -
  3. Leman "Lee" SMITH1850 -
m. 16 Sep 1884
Facts and Events
Name Anson Ransom Smith
Gender Male
Birth? JUN 1811/1816 Guilford Twp. Chenango County, NY
Reference Number Elsie (Durkee) BURKE
Marriage 1854 Hillsdale County, MIto Amanda Knight
Marriage 16 Sep 1884 Hastings, MIto Elsie (Durkee) BURKE
Reference Number Amanda Knight
Reference Number Mary PROPER, I
Death? 1893 Hillsdale County, MI
Reference Number? 1145

1840, Anson and Mary resided in in Royalton, Twp., Niagara County, NY. Anson, with his brother, Richard, bought 25 acres in Hartland Twp., Niagara County., on October 10, 1842. In 1844, he sold his share to Richard. 1849, according to the probate record of Anson's father-in-law, Philip Proper, Anson and Mary lived in Newfane Twp., Niagara Co. On Dec 1, 1849, Anson bought 84 acres in Section 4, Jefferson Twp., Hillsdale Co., Michigan, from Lewis H Gifford of Newfane. This transaction was recorded in Hillsdale.

In the 1850 Census, Anson, who was listed as Ransom, resided in Royalton, NY. In 1852, he moved his family to Jefferson Twp., Hillsdale Co., Michigan. In the spring of 1861, Anson moved once more to Shultz, Hope Twp., Barry County, Michigan. His farm in Shultz was located east of Shultz on the North side of Shultz Road, where Clifford Clouse resided in 1976, at 2434 Shultz Rd. The 117 acre farm was in Section 2 and located across the street from Anson's brother, Lewis. The 1873 Barry County Atlas, shows Anson's farm consisiting of 160 acres, and his son, Melvin, owned 8 acres across the street. 1900, US Census, Anson was 88 years old, and the head of the household in Hope, Barry County, Michigan. He is listed between Andrew & Amanda Smith with four children, and David R. & Mary L., with three children, Jessie O, WIlliam T & Frank B. Anson resided in Shultz until sometime after 1900, when he moved to Stanton, Montcalm County, Michigan to live with his daughter, Mary Alice Cummings.