Person:Annie Caley (7)

Ann Caley
d.Sep 1866 Surrey, England
m. 29 Nov 1789
  1. Jonathon Caley1789 - 1860
  2. James Caley1790 -
  3. Thomas Caley1798 - 1854
  4. Maria Caley1804 -
  5. William Caley1806 -
  6. Ann Caley1810 - 1866
m. 14 Dec 1834
  1. Sarah Brookman1835 - 1908
  2. Maria Brookmanabt 1837 -
  3. Mary Ann Brookman1840 - 1879
  4. Daniel Brookman1842 -
  5. Elizabeth Miriam Brookman1844 -
  6. Jane Brookman1847 -
  7. Jemima Brookman1849 - 1852
  8. Emily Ansell Brookman1852 - 1932
Facts and Events
Name Ann Caley
Married Name Annie Brookman
Gender Female
Birth[1] 14 Sep 1810 Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England
Christening[1][5] 14 Oct 1810 Harmondsworth, Middlesex, EnglandSt Mary's church
Marriage 14 Dec 1834 Brompton Rd, Middlesex, EnglandHoly Trinity Church
to James Brookman
Residence[3] 6 Jun 1841 Butlers Place, Southwark, Surrey, England
Census[4] 30 Mar 1851 Southwark, Surrey, England9 Butlers Place
Census[5] 7 Apr 1861 Southwark, Surrey, England9 Butlers Place
Death[2] Sep 1866 Surrey, England
Residence[2] Sep 1866 9 Victoria Grove, Southwark, Surrey, England
Burial[2] 18 Sep 1866 Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England

Ann Caley was also known as Annie. Ann was born on the 14th September 1810 to a Brewer, Thomas Caley and his wife Sarah. She was then baptised on the 14th October 1810 at St Mary's in Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England.

We know with a level of certainty that Ann's parents are Thomas and Sarah Caley.

On FamilySearch there are 2 people named Thomas Caley marrying Sarah, one however is not until 1823, in York and they appear to have a number of children after this time.

The other is a likely couple as they marry in Berkshire during 1789. Berkshire neighbour's Surrey and marrying in 1789 would still make them likely candidates to be Ann's parents. Without Certainty I am going to provide what I have found on this couple and we can then try to prove or reject them appropriately.

Considering other research that exists on the Caley families in neighbouring Berkshire and Middlesex it is possible that the correct couple for Ann's parents is Thomas Caley and Sarah Ansell, however there does appear to be some significant gaps in the family information if this is correct.

Some of the other information relating to the Caley family has some twists and turns that don't match up at the moment and will require some further research.

Married Life

Ann and James Brookman were married on the 14th December 1834 at the Holy Trinity Church, Brompton Rd, Middlesex, England.

In the 1841 English census James and Ann are living in Butlers Place, Southwark, Surrey, England with their three daughters. They were still there in 1851, living at number 9 with four daughters and a son. Ann was still living in the same house during the 1861 census, a couple of months after the death of James.

It seems that Ann moved in with one of her daughters sometime after James passed away. This is based on two pieces of information. The address she is living at when she died is different to the one she lived at during her married life and her daughter Sarah received photographs in Australia of her sister with baby Eve, her mother (the photo on this profile) and a male who has been guessed to be her sisters husband but no photo of her father. These photos are kept in the Roney Family Bible and can be seen on the family page for James Brookman and Annie Caley. Ann was 56 and was living at 9 Victoria Grove, Southwark, Surrey when she died in 1866, she was buried on the 18th September 1866.

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    The handwriting does appear to say "Brockman" not "Brookman" here, but given the address and the first names we can be reasonably confident it is the right family.

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