Person:Anne Randolph (2)

  1. Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr.1768 - 1828
  2. Anne Cary Randolph1774 - 1837
  3. Jane Cary Randolph - 1832
m. 25 Dec 1809
  1. Gouverneur Morris, Jr.1813 - 1883
Facts and Events
Name Anne Cary Randolph
Gender Female
Birth? 12 Sep 1774 Tuckahoe Plantation, Richmond, Virginia, United States
Marriage 25 Dec 1809 Morrisania, Bronx, New York, United Statesto Gouverneur Morris
Death? 28 May 1837 New York City, New York, United States

Anne's mother died when she was 15, and her father shortly thereafter married a woman not much older than Anne (known generally as Nancy). She went to live with her older sister Judith, who had married their cousin Richard Randolph, and their plantation known as Bizarre. In 1793, the family became embroiled in a scandal culminating in the trial of Richard for murdering his child by Nancy. It was alleged that Nancy had given birth during a visit to family friends, and that Richard had taken and disposed of the child. Slaves were the primary witnesses, and they could not testify, and Richard was acquitted. Many years later, Nancy wrote a letter claiming that she had had a child that night, but that it had been Richard's brother Theo's, who had died earlier in 1792.

The scandal followed Nancy for many years, and she eventually moved north and ended up working as Gouvernour Morris's housekeeper. They were married when she was 35 and he over 20 years her senior. They had one son before Morris passed away in 1816 at the age of 64.[1]

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