Person:Anne O'Donnell (2)

b.21 Jul 1872 Kaikoura, New Zealand
m. 17 May 1866
  1. John Francis O'DONNELL1867 - 1943
  2. James Arthur O'Donnell1868 -
  3. Anne O'DONNELL1872 - 1926
Facts and Events
Gender Female
Birth? 21 Jul 1872 Kaikoura, New Zealand
Death? 8 Jul 1926 Charlton, Vic, Australia

Notes for ANNE O'DONNELL: MOTHER MARY OF THE HOLY OBEDIENCE nee Annie O'Donnell, Sistersof Our Lady of the Missions

Born Kaikoura, New Zealand 21 July 1872 Postulant Christchurch September 1889 Novitiate Christchurch 6 January 1891 First Vows Christchurch 5 April 1893 Final Vows Christchurch 8 January 1903 Died Charlton, Vic, Australia 8 July 1926

The religious life of Mother Mary of the Holy Obedience wasmarked by the exercise of a tireless energy in the work ofadvancing God's glory and of striving for the salvation ofsouls. To that end, both as subject and as superior she tookparticular care to ensure that the teaching of religion receivedits due attention in the schools.

Mother was chosen to establish the first house of theCongregation in East Australia and, although she never sparedherself, she was always kind and considerate towards others.While treating the Sisters with a cordial straightforwardness,she also encouraged and helped them in their work and in theirdifficulties.

Mother M. of the Holy Obedience accomplished much in the timeallotted her for labour in the Master's vineyard. She went toreceive her reward on 8 July, 1926.

R. I. P.

The Advocate (newspaper, Victoria, Australia)

July 15 1926:


The death is announced of Rev. Mother Superior of the Sisters ofNotre Dame des Missions, Charlton. The deceased religious was anative of New Zealand, and was 54 years of age. She had resided in Charltonsince the foundation of the order there in 1924. R.I.P.

August 5 1926:


Exemplary Religious Life Closed.

It was with deep regret that we recently recorded the death ofRev. Mother Obeissance O'Donnell at the Convent of Our Lady of theMissions, Charlton. This holy nun passed peacefully to her eternal rewardon Thursday, 8th July, after a short illness. Her saintly deathcrowned a most exemplary religious life of 36 years. Born at Kaikoura,New Zealand, the late Rev. Mother was for many years Superioress ofconvents of her Order in New Zealand. In 1923 she was transferred toVictoria, and remained in Donald until appointed to take charge of the newconvent in Charlton in 1924. Rev. Mother took the keenest interests inmatters of education, and during her stay in Charlton worked assiduouslyin the schools. The body was brought to St. Joseph's Church onSaturday morning, July 10, where the Solemn Office for the Dead wasrecited, and Solemn Requiem Mass was celebrated for the repose of the soul ofthe deceased. The celebrant was Rev. Fr. O'Shannassy; deacon, Rev.Fr. Conway (Quambatook); sub-deacon, Rev. Fr. O'Connell (Swan Hill).Rev. Fr. Kelly was master of ceremonies, and the chanters were Rev.Fr. Coughlin (Donald) and Rev. Fr. Close (Inglewood). Rev. Fr.Paton (Inglewood) was also present. The Absolution at the catafalquewas given by Rev. Fr. O'Shannassy. A very large congregation waspresent, including the Sisters from Charlton, Donald and Swan Hillconvents. As the cortege left the church for the Charlton cemetery, thechildren of the Charlton and Donald convents formed a mournful guard ofhonour, and marched in front of the hearse. Rev. Fr. Kelly officiated atthe graveside. The coffin was born by Messrs. T. Murphy, C. Bourke,W. Gibney, J. Spain, P. Rogan, and C. Fanning. As the coffin waslowered members of the children's choir rendered impressively thedeceased's favourite hymn. A very large number of friends assembled at the graveside to pay their last tribute to one whose kindlydisposition endeared her to all. "Eternal rest grant to her, O Lord, andlet perpetual light shine upon her."

Occupation: 1889, Nun, Mother Mary of the Holy Obedience