Person:Anna Lothrop (3)

Anna Lothrop
d.7 Mar 1865
  1. Anna Lothrop1784 - 1865
m. 1 Nov 1807
  1. Thomas Motley1808 -
  2. John Lothrop Motley1815 - 1877
  3. Edward Motley1816 - 1894
  4. Anna Lothrop Motley
  5. Emma Motley
  6. Preble Motley
Facts and Events
Name Anna Lothrop
Unknown Anna Lathrop
Gender Female
Birth? 24 Aug 1784 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 1 Nov 1807 to Thomas Motley
Death? 7 Mar 1865
Burial[1] Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Anna Lathrop Motley, in Find A Grave.
    The earlier records of New England have preserved the memory of an incident which deserves mention as showing how the historian's life was saved by a quickwitted handmaid, more than a hundred years before he was born. On the 29th of August, 1708, the French and Indians from Canada made an attack upon the town of Haverhill, in Massachusetts. Thirty or forty persons were slaughtered, and many others were carried captive into Canada.

    The minister of the town, Rev. Benjamin Rolfe, was killed by a bullet through the door of his house. Two of his daughters, Mary, aged thirteen, and Elizabeth, aged nine, were sleeping in a room with the maid-servant, Hagar. When Hagar heard the whoop of the savages she seized the children, ran with them into the cellar, and, after concealing them under two large washtubs, hid herself. The Indians ransacked the cellar, but missed the prey. Elizabeth, the younger of the two girls, grew up and married the Rev. Samuel Checkley, first minister of the "New South" Church, Boston. Her son, Rev. Samuel Checkley, Junior, was minister of the Second Church, and his successor, Rev. John Lothrop, or Lathrop, as it was more commonly spelled, married his daughter. Dr. Lothrop was great-grandson of Rev. John Lothrop, of Scituate, who had been imprisoned in England for nonconformity. The Checkleys were from Preston Capes, in Northamptonshire. The name is probably identical with that of the Chicheles or Chichleys, a well-known Northamptonshire family.