Person:Anna Henderson (4)

Anna H. Henderson
b.22 Aug 1891 Bath County, Kentucky
d.19 Jan 1966 Bath County, Kentucky
m. 1875
  1. James Lee Henderson1876 - 1950
  2. Hattie Rosetta Henderson1880 - 1950
  3. Lucy Belle Henderson1881 - 1941
  4. George Henderson1881 - 1904
  5. Armilda Jane Henderson1885 - 1940
  6. Edna Henderson1888 - 1957
  7. Anna H. Henderson1891 - 1966
  8. Roy Edgar Henderson1895 - 1977
  9. Robert William Henderson1899 - 1960
m. 16 Aug 1921
  1. _____ Bailey1923 - 1923
  2. _____ Bailey1925 - 1925
  3. Ervil Bailey1926 - 1926
  4. Annie Bailey1927 - 1927
  1. Viola Turner1908 - 1996
  2. Della Bee Turner1911 - 2006
  3. Etheleen Brooks Turner1918 - 2008
Facts and Events
Name[1] Anna H. Henderson
Alt Name /Annie/ _____
Gender Female
Birth? 22 Aug 1891 Bath County, Kentucky
Marriage 16 Aug 1921 Owingsville, Bath County, Kentuckyto James T. Bailey
Marriage to Jeremiah Turner
Death? 19 Jan 1966 Bath County, KentuckyCause: Heart attack
Burial? 22 Jan 1966 Longview Cemetery, Bethel, Bath County, Kentucky
Reference Number? 161

Kentucky death record: Place-BATH Volume-004 Cert-01823 Deathvol-66

BATH COUNTY, KENTUCKY DEATH CERTIFICATE File number: 116 66 1823 Registrar's number: 5 Registration district number: 50 Primary registration district number: 4081 1. Place of death

 a. County: Bath
 b. City or town: Owingsville RR #1
 c. Length of stay: nothing listed
 d. Full name of hospital or institution: nothing listed

2. Usual residence

 a. State: Kentucky
 b. County: Bath
 c. City or town: Owingsville RR #1
 d. Street address: nothing listed
 e. Is residence on a farm: yes
 f. Is residence inside city limits: no

3. Name of deceased:

 a. First: Anna
 b. Middle: Henderson (this is her maiden name)
 c. Last: Bailey

4. date of death: January 19, 1966 5. Sex: female 6. Color or race: white 7. Married, never married, widowed or divorced: widowed 8. date of birth: August 22, 1891 9. Age: 74 years 10a. Usual occupation: nothing listed 10b. Kind of business or industry: nothing listed 11. Birthplace: Bath County, Kentucky 12. Citizen of what country: USA 13. Father's name: Robert Henderson 14. Mother's maiden name: Margaret Holland 15. Was deceased ever in U.S. Armed Forces: no 16. Social security number: nothing listed 17. Informant: Mrs. Lester Gray of Owingsville RR #1 18. Cause of death

 a. Death was caused by Coronary occlusion
 b. Due to arteriosclerotic heart disease
 c. Due to; nothing listed
 d. Other significant conditions contributing to death but not related to the terminal disease condition given in part a: severe acute influenza

19. Was autopsy performed: no 20. Accident, suicide, or homicide: nothing listed 21. Time of injury, place of accident: nothing listed 22. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from 1946 to 1-19-1966, that I last saw the deceased alive on 1-19-1966, and that the death occurred at 8:00 PM from the causes and on the date stated above. 23a. Date signed: 1-24-1966 23b. Address: Owingsville, Kentucky 23c. Signature: Robin A. Byrum MD 24a. Burial, cremation or removal: burial 24b. Date: January 22, 1966 24c. Name of cemetery: Longview Cemetery 24d. Location of cemetery: Bethel, Kentucky 25a. Date received by local registrar: 2-21-1966 25b. Registrar's signature: Lena R. Brooks 26. Funeral director: Fred Keal, Keal Funeral Home, Owingsville, Kentucky

  1. Research done by and information looked up by Darrell Warner. Bath County, Kentucky death certificate..