Person:Ann Campbell (13)

Ann Campbell
m. 16 JAN 1734/35
  1. Martha CampbellBET 1735 AND 1741 -
  2. Sarah CampbellBET 1735 AND 1741 -
  3. William CampbellBET 1735 AND 1741 - BEF 1765
  4. Mary Campbell1737 -
  5. Lt. John Campbell1741 - 1825
  6. Col. Arthur Campbell, of Royal Oak, Botetourt County, VA1743 - 1811
  7. James CampbellABT 1745 - ABT 1795
  8. Margaret Campbell1748 - 1799
  9. Judge David Campbell1750 - 1812
  10. Patrick CampbellBET 1751 AND 1755 -
  11. Robert Campbell1755 - 1832
  12. Ann Campbell1760 -
  1. Dr. Andrew Roane1778-1793 -
  2. Anne Roane1778-1793 -
  3. David Roane1778-1793 -
  4. Dr. James Roane1778-1793 -
  5. Margaret Roane1778-1793 -
  6. Mary Roane1778-1793 -
  7. William Roane1778-1793 -
Facts and Events
Name Ann Campbell
Gender Female
Birth? FEB 1760 Augusta County, Virginia

51. Annie5 Campbell (David 'White David'4, John3, John2, [Unknown]1) was born Feb 1760 in Augusta Co., VA. She married Judge Gov. Archibald (Gov.) Roan 1795, son of Andrew Roan and Mary Walker. He was born Abt. 1755 in Derry Twp., Lancaster, PA, and died 1831 in TN.

Notes for Judge Gov. Archibald (Gov.) Roan:

Judge and Governor.

A prominent man in the early history of Tennessee, one of the first Supreme Judges appointed after the admission of the State into the Union, and Governor of the State from 1801 to 1804. He was a gentleman of finished education, a leading man and honorable citizen of the State of Tennessee.

Historical Sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher, and Kindred Families

The following is copied from the historical archives of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania:

"Archibald Roan, the son of Andrew Roan and Margaret Walker, was a native of Derry Township, Lancaster County (now Dauphin County), Pennsylvania, where he was born about 1760. His father dying about 1768, he was placed in care of his uncle, the Rev. John Roan. In the will of the latter, this mention is made: 'I allow to my nephew, Archibald Roan (in case the above persons, the Rev. George Duffield, and my executors apprehend him religiously disposed), twenty pounds towards his college expenses.' He studied law and removed to Tennessee, where he obtained a license to practice that profession; he was shortly afterwards appointed District Attorney General; and in 1796 was honored with the position of Judge of the Supreme Court of Tennessee. From 1801 to 1804 he was Governor of that State, and afterwards held a number of prominent offices. He was a gentleman of education, a leading jurist, and an honored citizen of the State of his adoption. Tennessee gave his name to one of her counties."

Children of Annie Campbell and Archibald Roan are:

170 i. Dr. James6 Roan, born in TN. He married Nancy Irby.

171 ii. David Roan, born in TN; died in young.

172 iii. Margaret Roan, born in TN; died in young.

173 iv. William Roan, born in TN.

174 v. Mary Roan. She married [Unknown] Hackney.

175 vi. Anne Roan. She married Randal Ramsey.

176 vii. Andrew Roan, died in of MS.