Person:Andrew Kennedy (4)

Andrew KENNEDY, Jr.
b.12 DEC 1782 Pennsylvania, USA
m. 17 FEB 1774
  1. Mary KENNEDY1775 - 1826
  2. Thomas KENNEDY1777 -
  3. George Washington KENNEDY1778 - 1843
  4. Elizabeth KENNEDY1780 - 1850
  5. Robert KENNEDY1782 - 1875
  6. Andrew KENNEDY, Jr.1782 - 1823
  7. Susannah KENNEDY1785 - 1826
  8. Eleanor KENNEDY1788 -
Facts and Events
Name Andrew KENNEDY, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? 12 DEC 1782 Pennsylvania, USA
Baptism[1] 09 FEB 1783 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA2nd Presbyterian Church
Death? 27 SEP 1823 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Other? 40 years, 9 months, 15 days Age at death

letter dated Aug 19, 1823 - from Andrew, III to his brother, John; it appears Andrew, Jr was ill and died a month later-

Dear John: I have but just time to scribble you a few lines by Mr. West, who starts tomorrow for Philad. Yours of the 27th I was much pleased to receive tho it contained much disagreeable news. You are obliged to relate it, good or bad. I was very much surprised and was very sorry to hear of Capt. Rinker's death. Of Uncle Andrew's insanity I was, I can assure you, very sorry indeed to hear because I was under the impression he was getting better instead of worse. The whole weight of official duties now comes upon Papa. You must do your utmost to help in his accounts, &c. You can, no doubt, post his books for him now and then. Whether the alterations making in the N. Yard are for its improvement or not I cannot tell, but presume they are. I was disappointed in learning that Mr. Hays did not intend coming on to the Academy, and no doubt you all were. I am very much obliged, indeed to you all in preparing the articles you mentioned and regret the opportunity for sending them did not arise.

It might be well to include at this point a letter written by Robert Kennedy to his son, Andrew III, then at the Norwich Military Academy. It is yellow with age and is badly torn in places, and while not of any particular importance it does tell of the death of the twin brother, Andrew, Jr., born December 12, 1782, died September 27, 1823.

Phila. 31st Oct. 1823. Dear Andrew:

On the 24th inst. I put on board the schooner Pilot, Capt. Milton, one box contg. sundry articles agreeably to the subjoined list, mark'd with your address to the care of Messrs. Parker & Stevens, merchts, Boston. I wrote to Mr. Parker advising him of the shipment, and requested him to forward the box to you. The freight to Boston is pd. Any expense Mr. P. may be at you can repay to him on__________. Anything else you may want mention it and it will be sent by young Innesly* when he returns. He has held the list of books, &c., you charged him with. Your mother is quite pleased with your present -- the bark, &c. I have deposited it among my collection of curiosities. Your two expeditions have afforded you an opportunity of seeing and learning something of the country and the names and customs of the inhabitants. Your description of those things, together with the letter of thanks to those whose hospitality you enjoyed, are very good. I am glad you embraced the chance which the excursions offered you to see the country. You are fortunate that you did not get sick after enduring so much fatigue and wet in your climate. You should take care of your health. Among the clothing sent you will find flannel drawers, &c. I advise you to wear them and make yourself comfortable. The difference between the climate of Phila. and Norwich is greater than I had imagined. No snow here yet, early in the morning a little cold, today the coldest this season, a thin skin of ice in the gutters, which the sun soon melted. I am surprised you saw no game on your route. You have not named even the robin. They are here in great numbers. We have been frequently out after them and have sometimes been very successful. Birds are no rarity in our house. John and Robt. have improved in their field sports as much as in their schooling. It is supposed that the robins migrate at the approach of winter from the northern regions and seek a milder climate in the south. If you have not seen nor heard anything of them it is evident they do not locate themselves so far north as has been imagined. Your brothers have recovered their health. John, indeed, has occasionally a slight chill of the ague, but he will not allow it to prevent him shooting. In what manner do you expect to spend the month of Dec.? It is a long vacation. It will be too cold to hunt game, so you will have to pass off some of the time in reading, and now and then give us a long letter. Your mother wrote to you some time past and, I believe, mentioned your Uncle Andrew's death, which occurred on the 27th of September. This event and the circumstances surrounding it have been to me a source of trouble and affliction. My feelings will not allow me even now to enter into a detailed account of these things. At another time we will discourse more upon the subject. It has pleased God to relieve him from his sufferings. I buried him in the 2d Presbyterian burial ground, by the side of my father and mother, and have the consoling reflection that nothing which a brother should do before and after his death was left undone. I received a letter from Aunt Long and am sorry to inform you that Eliza's husband (the Doct.) is dead. He died, it is said, of the bilious fever, in the western section of the country. The yellow fever has made great havoc among the officers in the West, at Thompson's Island, and among whom are many of our acquaintances. I have appointed Mr. Crabbe in the room of your Uncle Andrew, and I find him an able assistant. We shall do very well together. They have increased his pay to more than double the amount he received previously. He has a large family and is in need of it. I have purchased a handsome watch, which I intend for you. I would have sent it but no resident offered and I felt it would get injured in the box.

also on pg 63 and 662 -

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So unfortunately there are a lot of Andrew Kennedy's in PA as even witness the 1790 censuses. It would be hard to believe that two different Andrew Kennedys had two different twin brothers, Robert Kennedy. I don't know if my Robert and Andrew were identical twins.

I would be very interested in seeing your documentation - the family bible - but at this time I am not sure our Andrews are the same.

Keep in touch. Peggy - 15:31, 21 July 2015 (UTC)

  1. birth and baptism register for Andrew KENNEDY, Jr.