Person:Andrew Fyndlay (1)

Andrew Fyndlay
  1. Andrew Fyndlay - abt 1547
  2. John Finlay
m. 1508
  1. John Finley1524 - 1578
  2. Andrew FINLEY1526 -
  3. Joneta Finley1529 -
  4. James Finley1530 - 1597
  5. Alexander FINLAY1534 - 1627
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Fyndlay
Alt Name Andrew Finley
Alt Name Andrew Finlay
Gender Male
Birth[2] abt 1483 Of Perthshire, Scotland
Alt Birth? Abt 1483 Cupar Angus, Balchristie Fife, Scotland
Alt Birth? Aughenlyth Foffashirecounty also known as Forfarshire
Marriage 1508 to Janet Hay
Alt Death? 1546 Aughenlyth Foffashirecounty also known as Forfarshire
Occupation? Sheriff of Cupar Angus
Alt Death? 1546 Aughinleyth, Scotland
Death? abt 1547 Perthshire, Scotland

Andrew changed the spelling of his last name Finlay to Finley[Findley-Seley.FTW]

From Rootsweb, ID I00019

From Finley Findings International. Vol 1. July 1977 - May 1978

Andrew FINLEY, son of John and Joneta ROGERS FYNLAY, had, according to the rental books of Cupar Angus, a one-quarter portion of land of Aughenlyth in Pentecost. He figures in different leases up to 1546. In 1507, he appears as Bailiff (Sheriff Deputy) of Cupar Angus, and in 1542, as Sheriff of Cupar Angus.

In the latter capacity, he was associated with Donald and David CAMPBELL, grandsons of the Earl of Argyle. There is a charter of sale in 1491 by Andrew FINLEY to John STEWART of Fothergill of the lands of Achnamarkmore. The seal of John STEWART, Earl of Atholl, and the seal of Andrew FINLEY were appended at Dunkeld on 31 May 1507.

On 13 Aug 1507, there is a charter of sale by Andrew FINLEY to Eleanor, Countess of Atholl, of Kincraigy. There is also a precept of sasene by Andrew FINLEY in favor of Neill STEWART Jr., as son and heir of Neill STEWART of Fothergill, of the lands of Achnamarkmore, given at Glentilt, 4 Jun 1545, in the presence of John FINLEY, son and heir of Andrew FINLEY

Andrew FINLEY died at Aughenlyth, Forfarshire prior to 27 Apr 1547, as there is a notorial instrument taken by John FINLEY, son and heir of the late Andrew FINLEY, on that date, of the rights and reversion of the lands of Achnamarkmore for 20 pounds, payable in 1 day, between sunrise and sunset.

In 1523, Andrew FINLEY married Janet HAY, daughter of John HAY of Erroll, Perthshire, and Janet DOUGLASS, a lineal descendant of William DE HAYA, Cup Bearer to MALCOLM IV. Their children are recorded in the Register of Cupar Angus Abbey.

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