Person:Amos Wormwood (3)

Amos Wormwood
b.11 June 1758 Wells, Maine
m. 15 FEB 1744
  1. John Wormwood, II1744 - 1822
  2. Huldah Wormwood1746 -
  3. Bethiah Wormwood1749 -
  4. James Wormwood1753 - 1840
  5. Daniel Wormwood1755 -
  6. Amos Wormwood1758 - 1809
  7. Ebenezer Wormwood1760 - BEF 1840
  8. Abigail Wormwood1762 - ABT 1791
  9. Joseph Wormwood1767 - 1857
m. 30 AUG 1781
  1. Samuel Wormwood1782 - 1868
  2. Daniel Wormwood1784 - 1869
  3. Priscilla Wormwood1786 - 1810
  4. Polly (Mary) Wormwood1790 -
  5. Nancy Wormwood1792 -
  6. William Storer Wormwood1793 - 1883
  7. infant Wormwood1795 - 1801
  8. infant Wormwood1797 - 1797
  9. infant Wormwood1799 - 1800
  10. Lydia Wormwood1802 -
  11. Ezekiel Wormwood1804 - 1886
  12. Huldah Wormwood1806 - 1874
Facts and Events
Name Amos Wormwood
Gender Male
Birth? 11 June 1758 Wells, Maine
Marriage 30 AUG 1781 Maineto Lydia Storer
Reference Number 510707559
Lydia Storer
Death? 18 FEB 1809 Alfred, York, Maine, United States
Reference Number? 528019772

In the name of God, Amen; I Amos Wormwood of Alfred in the county of York, husbandman, being aged and infirm do under an apprehension of my family and mortality committ my spirit to the Mercy of God, thro' Jesus the Mediator and my bodyinto the hands of my Execurtrix hereafter named, to be by her decently interred, in full belief of the resurrection there of by the mighty power of God; and being of a sound disposing mind dispose of the temporal estate wherewith the Lord has blessed me as follows, viz: My Will is, that all my just and honest debts and funeral charges be paid by my Executrix. I give to my son, Samuel Wormwood two dollars over and above what I have already given him. I give to my sonDaniel Wormwood an equal proportion of the fifteen acre Cedar swamp together with my two youngest sons William and Ezekiel, said Swamp is in the town of Sanford, in said county. I give to my eldest daughter, Priscilla Wormwood twenty-five dollars which is to be paid after my youngest daughter Huldah comes to the age of eighteen years, and not before. I give to my daughters Lydia, Polly, Nancy & Huldah twenty-five dollars each, to be paid out of my estate when my youngest daughter Huldah becomes of age. I further will, that my daughters Priscilla, Lydia, Polly, Nancy and Huldah shall have the privilage of living in the house which I now live in until they are married and to be considered their homeas at the time of my signing this will. I further will and bequeath all my real and personal estate of what ever or nature unto my two sons Willam & Ezekielexecpt what is mentioned in the former part of this will. I further will untomy beloved wife Lydia, all the produce of my estate real or personal with all the farming utensils and stock of cattle which I now have, to be at her disposalso long as she shall remain my widow, and said previledges as mentioned aboveare to be for the support of my children, together with their mother, to wit William, Nancy, Ezekeil and Huldah. I further will and appoint my beloved wife Lydia Executrix to my Estate. In testimony where of I have hereunto set my handand seal this eleventh day of February in the year of our Lord; one thousand eight hundred and nine.

Amos Wormwood

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